She should have been arrested, but after pounding out a threatening text message, an anti-gun activist was merely ejected from a Connecticut Senate hearing on gun control. According to a photo of her text in progress, she wrote, “If I had a gun, I’d blow away Sampson and a large group of NRA." Clearly, a red flag order would be in order for the unidentified woman.

Emotions ran high at the Monday hearing at the Connecticut statehouse. Folks from both sides of the gun control divide watched as legislators and witnesses debated several gun control bills in committee.

Connecticut Against Gun Violence

Then things went off the rails when one of the pro-gun folks noticed the woman's text message.  The woman was later identified as a member of Connecticut Against Gun Violence.

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Why are anti-gun activists so violent? The Daily Caller reported on the incident.

An unidentified woman was reportedly ejected from a Connecticut gun hearing Monday after she was spotted sending a text threatening to shoot a lawmaker and NRA members.

“If I had a gun, I’d blow away Sampson and a large group of NRA,” a photo of the text message-in-progress reads, according to a tweet.

The woman appeared to be directing her ire at Republican Connecticut state Sen. Rob Sampson, who describes himself as a Constitutional conservative and is an NRA “Defender of Freedom Award” recipient.

Several gun control measures were set to be discussed in Hartford on Monday before the Judiciary Committee, including:

  • An update to safe storage laws
  • A measure requiring anyone open-carrying a firearm to produce a permit if asked by police
  • A move to regulate “ghost guns” or 3-D printed firearms and components
  • A bill prohibiting cities and towns to enact their own firearms laws

Among those present at Monday’s hearing were activists on both sides of gun issues and the parents of Ethan Song, a teen who accidentally shot himself last year with a gun belonging to his friend’s father.

Just as police will make an arrest if someone jokes about a bomb at an airport, even jokingly suggesting that one would shoot people at a hearing on gun control should result in similar law enforcement action. Even though this woman's wasn't one bit funny.

Later in the same hearing, the Executive Director of Connecticut Against Gun VIolence was ejected for using a sympathetic police chief as a mule to smuggle in a firearm receiver in violation of the "no guns" policy at the Connecticut statehouse.

From the Daily Caller:

A second anti-gun activist was escorted from a gun-control hearing Monday after reportedly using a police officer to circumvent security measures and bring in a firearm receiver.

The hearing, which was open to the public and addressed a number of proposed gun control measures, attracted activists on both sides of gun issues. A large group of anti-gun activists, wearing matching shirts from the group Connecticut Against Gun Violence, attended to hear testimony from Executive Director Jeremy Stein.


According to Ray Bevis, legislative coordinator for the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Stein’s testimony did not go exactly as planned. Bevis told The Daily Caller that Stein had asked to bring as a prop a firearm receiver — and had been told that he would not be allowed to bring it.

But instead of making his point without the prop, Stein reportedly asked Bridgeport Police Chief A.J. Perez to bring the firearm component in for him, thus circumventing security measures. Perez also testified on Monday in favor of stricter gun control laws.

Bevis shared a photo and video of Stein then being escorted from the building. “Jeremy Stein, executive director of CT Against Gun Violence being escorted out of a public hearing for smuggling a firearm receiver into the hearing,” he captioned the post. “He used a police chief as his mule.”

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  1. Chief Perez: Apparently you have either forgotten, or have intentionally disregarded, that part of your oath in which you swore to uphold the Constitrution of the United States of America. Yes Chief, that includes the Bill of Rights including theSecond Amendment, As to the woman who posted the threat; her words speak for themselves, Nothing more needs to be said about that one!

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