Melissa Hartman, mother of the slain 19-year-old man named Xavier Hartman, blames YOU for the death of her son.  Yeah, she blames the law-abiding members of America's oldest civil rights organization for her son's violent death in late June in rural Knox County, IL. 

As I wrote earlier this week, Xavier Hartman's mother had crafted a sympathetic Facebook presence.  In it, she demanded "justice" for her son's death.  Understandable.  She's a grieving mother who lost her son.  At the same time though, some might interpret her demands for justice as really a call for vengeance against James Love. 

All that went out the window yesterday when she decided to make it personal against six million actual members of the National Rifle Association.  Or the 14 million Americans who perceive themselves as members of the nation's oldest – and largest civil rights organization.  14 million law-abiding people.

Law-abiding.  Something Ms. Hartman's son could no longer say about himself as he earned his first adult criminal conviction last year following a felony mob violence arrest.  While an arrest and later misdemeanor plea doesn't make him a bad person, it shows poor judgement and a lack of self-control.

The trend continued into this year when mom filed for an emergency order of protection against him.  Boy, I'd love to see the written petition on that.  I doubt she was mad because he didn't clean his room or bake her some chocolate chip cookies for Valentine's day.

What happened to Ms. Hartman's son is tragic.  He should not have died that night.  Just as what happened to James Love is tragic.

Even if a judge and jury agree that Mr. Love acted outside the law in defending himself, the only person to blame for the death of Xavier is Mr. Love.  Not the 14-plus million law-abiding Americans who perceive themselves as belonging to the NRA.

However, if a judge and/or jury believe Mr. Love was justified in using deadly force to preserve innocent life from a felonious attack, then the only person responsible for Xavier Hartman's death is…  Xavier Hartman.

I wrote about the dead "Trayvon Martin 2.0" in the headline because this case is showing remarkable similarities to the Martin case from five or six years ago.  Need an example?

The top photo comes from ABC News, the bottom from the Peoria Journal-Star.





So c'mon, Ms. Hartman.  Quit blaming the NRA and put the blame where it belongs like a responsible adult.  Or at least give the justice system a chance to apply the rule of law to the facts of this case before assigning blame.  And then only to the person responsible, and not millions of other Americans.

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  1. Not only his Mom, but his Grandma is posting all these sweet pictures and sympathetic things on her fb page as well.  This is the second picture I have seen of this kid throwing gang signs.


    1. "gang signs" really???   Get with the times!  It is ASL for love.   It's the thing these days. Promoting love, tolerance and understanding.  

      Also, a grieving family member has EVERY RIGHT to post picture of their loved ones.  You don't have to look. Shame on you if you are just being a nosey Nellie and scoping out their wall, laughing at their misfortune. His family loved him and grieve.  Let them grieve.  

  2. law abiding ——— well that’s something that those pictured here. Aren’t.       Of course the whole problem is that the law breakers think they are  ok.   And when law enforcement  does there job  these people  can’t handle  it.  And protest and cry and moan.    None of these people  would be gone if they obeyed the law like we at least try to do.  Nobody’s. Perfect  but if you point a gun or a knife at a cop    Your life don’t matter .

  3. I wish I could be there Monday. I would like to hear in person what the ASA's public justifications are for this.


  4. momma just wants money, is a stout Democrat, Loves Illegal's and wants to be a Muslim, no husband

  5. So, let's see, a mother raised a criminal, even had an order of protection against him, but it is American law abiding citizens that are to blame for her half-african stud offspring, raised by her without the "baby-daddy" support (but maybe his influence?) that "caused" the criminal offspring to trespASS on someone's property that chose to protect himself and his hard-earned property.

    WOW, now that is a streatch of imagination.

    1. And then she blames the NRA for his death.  She should look in the mirror to see a person FAR more responsible for his death than any NRA member in my family.

    2. Actually she has blamed everyone from Mr. Love,the kids who was with her son, the EMT's, Galva Police, they Galva Mayor, and now the NRA.

  6. Although it is unfortunate that another young man has lost his life this gun grabber mentality of blame completely innocent law abiding citizens is crap. Attacking the basic rights of all humans the ability to defend themselves based on lies and emotion is more crap and is totally unacceptable. I've got a challenge for all of these left wing lunatic gun grabbing fools,,,next time any of them call 911, please tell dispatch that your request of an officers presence to help you out with your situation does not include the presence of any firearms cause firearms are bad and you don't want any one to get shot cause you hate guns. So tell dispatch to send you a cop without a gun. 

    1. Wel,l thats no differant then asking all the leftist/communist politicans who are anti Second Amendment to give up their armed security details.  

    2. Respectfully, I agree but I disagree with your comment JR. Although the comparison is similar it is different. I figure it like this. People with armed security are out of my pay grade meaning that I rarely see then or converse with them. They are very much a minority of my daily conversations. That said, as I (as others) talk to real folks everyday and occassionally the rank and file followers of the gun control freaks, it is up to us to find new ways to challenge the narative and make those folks think,,,hoping that we'll educate them towards the truth of our God given and Constitutional right to self defense noting that it is the 2nd Amendment that levels the playing field for for a smaller or weaker person that may be subjected to a nefarious intrusion or physical attack.

      Telling dispatch to send a cop without a gun is a direct challenge to the rank and file who proclaim to be anti-gun because it effects them as an individual. It's so much more that jumping on a bandwagon or holding up a sign. Now they have to wonder if the claim that it is the gun, it is the tool, that is the problem. Now If they as so ant-gun let them apply it to themselves. No guns! No matter what, no guns, even when it is them. Bottom line is we need to include a psychological perspective to the individual gun haters out there on their terms when they need a cop (cause a cop without a gun, probably won't even show up for work) cause the current fight for our rights needs more perspective on many fronts. 

  7. they just came out with the score for this weekend. ( so far ).   It’s.  40

     —8.   Forty shot. Eight dead.   Any the said. There’s too many guns on the streets of Chicago. They didn’t mention. Gang  members.  Or outlaws or felons  they just said to many guns on the streets       No matter what happens.  They blame the guns.  Not the people.   This is America ???      All those people hav to do to see where the problem is,  is to go look  In the mirror. !!!!

    1. Heard this morning sixty three shot with ten murdered. Of course they always have to blame the tool( gun ) instead of the those criminals who are pulling the trigger. At least one the news people had the guts to say it's because of a drug turf war. You have to wounder if he got in trouble for sayin such a thing.


    2. The classic Chicago line; Its every ones fault except the person pulling the trigger

  8. Judge tossed the Murder One charge.  The State's case was lame.  Hartman's buddy pretty much bolstered Love's recollection of the events and supported the defense.  The two had been out drinking.  Hartman's BAC was .234, or darn near 3x the legal limit.  As a minor.

    1. Maybe, …someone should have raised HER better than to distort reality, … when someone attacks another person there can be consequenses to their aggressive actions, and one of those consequenses might be fatal. Too bad, so sad, an aggrassive thug reaped the whirlwind by his own actions.

  9. Mom need's money, she fiqure she is owed, and fell into the money pit, bet a few bucks takes her anger away until money runs out on Whatever habits


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