Education professionals:  Did you miss your chance for the free teacher gun training back in July?  Well, we have another opportunity for you.  GSL Defense Training, the same people who put on the free class earlier, will host another Illinois Concealed Carry class on September 8 & 9, 2018 at the same location:  The DeWitt County Sportsman's Club near Clinton.

Like the July class, participants will fire just shy of 250 rounds over two days of intense training.  Instructors will cover gun safety, personal safety strategies, home defense, legal considerations (taught by lawyers), tactics, gun cleaning and so much more.  

This class, while not free like the earlier class, will be deeply discounted for educational professionals:  $50.  Or one third of the going rate for non-educational professionals.  Why not free like the previous class?  Because Guns Save Life waived the advertising charges and the DeWitt County Sportsman's Club donated $600 worth of waived range fees.  So we have to recoup at least some of our expenses.  However, we have empty seats right now and we figure we may as well fill them with teachers wishing to learn more about how to safely handle handguns.

The participants at the July class had a great time and we expect much the same in September.  Probably with even milder weather.  Here's an after-action with photos from the July class.

To register, he's a link to the registration form.






Here's some additional information about what's behind this offer…

GSL Defense Training’s Essential Carry  (16-hour)

Learn safe defensive gun handling skills
Whether you’re a new gun owner or an experienced shooter, GSL Defense Training can help.  Our emphasis is on  building the skills and mindset to use your handgun safely and effectively.  We want you to stay safe!


Our two-dozen plus expert, extensively-trained instructors, both male and female, bring diverse backgrounds and  experiences to your benefit.  They’ll give you a broad, solid foundation so that you can confidently use your firearm for recreation or to defend yourself and your family.  GSL Defense Training is also one of the few companies that excels at working with people with disabilities.  With practiced lawyers presenting lethal force discussions, you can get answers to your legal questions and clarification of the laws.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve trained well over 3,500 people to shoot and carry firearms safely and efficiently.  Our classes are for anyone who wants to feel safe at home or out and about.  Ordinarily, this is a $150 per person class.  (Or bring along a friend, partner, spouse or family member for buy one, get one half-price deal.)


For educators, especially those who aren’t sure about guns or who are maybe afraid of guns or certainly anxious around guns, we’re offering this class at [a deeply discounted $50] charge [September 8 & 9], 2018.  Our instructor team will patiently work with you to make you an expert at gun safety.  We’ll help ease your concerns and anxieties concerning guns.  And should you choose to become a gun owner afterwards, we’ll empower you with the knowledge, skills and abilities to use that firearm ethically and legally in self-defense. 

Why are we doing this?  Simple:  We want to take the fear out of the subject of guns with educators courageous enough to come out with an open mind (or at least an open curiosity) about firearms and firearm ownership.  You’re under no obligation to become a gun owner afterwards, or even to get a FOID card or a concealed carry license.  You will, however, have that avenue opened to you as upon successful completion of this class, you will receive an Illinois State Police Certificate of Training should you someday wish to apply for a carry license. 

Someday, we hope Illinois will join roughly two dozen states that currently have provisions for licensed and trained school staff to have the option to carry a concealed firearm at work.  You may be skeptical about that now, as many rightfully are.  However, plenty of folks were skeptical about concealed carry in public twenty years ago.  Back then, less than two dozen states had right-to-carry provisions.  Today, all fifty states have some form of concealed carry law. 

Perhaps some of you will someday be part of the first educators in Illinois to carry with you the ability to fight back should the worst ever happen in your school. Either way, after successfully completing this class, you’ll be an expert at making a gun safe should you or one of your kids or students encounter a gun.  You’ll understand the legal, moral and ethical considerations about using force, and deadly force.  You’ll understand some of the unpleasant things that happen should you be forced to use deadly force to defend your life of that of another innocent person.  

To help you form a decision of whether or not to invest a weekend of your life, [a $50 registration fee] and about $60 to $100 in ammunition, we encourage you to read the rest of this page.  Also visit our instructors page to learn more about our instructor team.  No, we all don’t turn out for every class.  Usually we only (“only”!) have a dozen instructors show up.  For this class, it might be closer to twenty.  We’re all volunteers.  We do this because of our passion to empower good people and to save the lives of innocent, good people.  If this is for you, download and print the registration form.  Enclose a photocopy / scan / photo of your school employee ID card in lieu of payment and mail the form in to the address at the bottom of the form [with a check for $50].  We’ll mail you back a welcome letter with recommendations on what you might bring (and what to wear), hotel accommodation recommendations and a map and directions to the DeWitt County Sportsman’s Club. 

This offer is available for teachers, administrators, and yes, maintenance and support staff as well.  If a cook is trained and licensed to carry and law allows it, we hope they will someday discreetly pack a safety rescue tool along with teachers and administrators.  Armed good guys can and do provide backup for police officers on a daily basis.  At the same time, if you’re already a shooting enthusiast, consider passing on this opportunity to allow someone else a shot (no pun intended) at this opportunity. 


Do you need a FOID card?   No.  Illinois law provides that non-FOID holders may take training under the supervision of FOID holder instructors.  Not only do our instructors all have FOID cards, we’re required to have carry licenses as well (or be legally able to carry without a CCW license). 

Don’t I need a gun?  No, we have dozens of loaner guns available for your use, along with gear (holsters, etc) available at no charge.

What about ammunition?  We recommend purchasing ammunition from your local gun shop.  The cheapest 9mm or .38 Special that’s modern, factory loaded is fine.  Failing that, visit your local Walmart.  (No reloads in our loaner guns.)

Don’t I need a FOID card to buy ammo?  We will have limited quantities of ammunition non-FOID holders may purchase from us on the day of training for use in the class, at roughly our replacement cost.  9mm $75 60.  .38 Special $100. 

Isn’t .22 rimfire ammunition cheaper?  Yes, it is.  However, you’ll get a LOT more out of this class shooting centerfire ammunition that’s FAR better suited to self-defense against anything bigger than a hamster or guinea pig.  If, for medical reasons or disabilities (including hand strength, arthritis), you cannot handle or shoot a centerfire pistol, we do have some .22 caliber loaners available.  And ammo at roughly $25 per 250 rounds.

Pregnancy.  We generally discourage shooting recreationally or in training during pregnancy, especially the last trimester.  If you’re pregnant and dead set on taking this training (and everyone has varying reasons for doing this, and we’re not here to judge), we’ll probably detail an instructor to you and have you do a lot less shooting, using a rimfire pistol, and away from the rest of the other shooters to minimize your exposure to lead and noise.  And we’ll require you to wash your hands after handling guns or shooting. 

Also, you’ll need to bring your own lunch.  Sorry, there’s no free lunch in addition to the [deeply discounted] class.



For those seeking renewals…

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