I heard the shooting numbers this Monday morning, and the count just got higher and higher as the morning wore on. I quit watching Chicago TV news on Sunday nights years ago- it is all just death and destruction. I tune in on Monday for the recaps and today found 12 human beings have died from criminal shootings in Chicago just this past weekend and an astounding  71 were shot.

I tried to organize this in my head to write about it, something that expresses how awful this violence is and how the criminal population of Chicago feels so free to commit shooting gallery level violence. All I could come up with was "Damn." This was followed by my friend Dave asking "Did someone in Chicago shoot John Wick's new dog this weekend?"

The weather was hot and humid-always a Chicago violence contributor, but the shooting scenes included a block party, a funeral party, a front porch shooting and other scenes where people should be safe to attend.

Some of the reporting has different numbers from the weekend, but one source counted just the overnight hours of Saturday at midnight into Sunday at 6:50 AM and Chicago had 48 wounded and 7 dead in less than seven hours. These occurred in separate attacks! It's not like a crowd was mowed down-54 attacks in one night!

Is there any good news? Maybe. There have been two large anti-violence marches in Chicago that grabbed some headlines. In July, protesters marched and temporarily closed the Dan Ryan Expressway, and last Thursday, there was an anti-violence march north up Lake Shore Drive to Wrigley Field. All of which occurred while the Cubs played and Lalapalooza was going on downtown.

Chants in the marches included "Resign Rahm" as a result of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's performance in light of Chicago's annual death toll. This may be a sign of the changing times-I hope so. There of course were no CNN or MSNBC reports to document the violence or Liberals on TV decrying the violence. It is still a Chicago only problem as far as the press and liberals are concerned.

Fired Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, and potential mayoral candidate did not miss the opportunity to launch this beauty about the Mayor who fired him- "he is failing them-to death."

Rudy Giuliani tweeted "Chicago's murder rate is direct result of one party Democratic rule for decades."

Funny how all the murder capitals in the U.S., Chicago, St Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington DC have all been Democrat controlled for decades.

No, I need to correct that statement-it's not funny, it's not funny at all.

2 thoughts on “Steamy Chicago Weekend Death Toll-12 Dead and 71 Shot”
  1. Here is an exerpt from SCC regarding two crime scenes in Chicago this weekend.  

    At the shooting scene in 010 on Lawndale, the ET's recovered over 60 shell casings from at least 4 different calibers. Not to be outdone, the Karlov scene in 011 tallied 80 pieces of brass

    Do you think the criminals in Chicago are concerned about the police?  And with the continuation of the left's war on law enforcement , this is coming to a neighborhood near you America.  Meanwhile, the NFL continues to kneel.  I weep for what this country is being turned into by democrats.  Politicians are the problem, on both sides.  If they weren't so busy trying to enrich themselves by selling out this country we would be much better off.  

  2. The police are beaten down by reviews, ACLU and BLM, of everything they do.  They are looking to have punishment, days off without pay or fired, to court cases to take their savings and homes.  Prosecutors refuse to file charges for most all crimes.  Judges let those charged to be released without posting bail or very low amounts.  The county sheriff sends all he can out with home monitoring and then they do not track them.  If they end up in court for a crime.  The judge tells them to be good from now on.  Not even a slap on the wrist.

    Retail theft less than ten arrests and under $1000 equals no charges.  The officer dose more paperwork than the criminal spend in custody.  Someone informs as to who was the shooter was and then that person is out in hours looking for who talked.  The police will do the job if it would mean something and not if it is a waste of time and effort.

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