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The League of Women Voters was a big proponent of the 18th Amendment / Prohibition  in the 1910s



The League of Women Voters is organizing an anti-gun community forum in Lake Forest on Thursday, May 21st.  We’ve heard of the “April showers bring May flowers” expression before, but this year, it’s almost like anti-gun events are springing up faster than dandelions in their desperate effort to remain relevant in today’s political climate.

Just last weekend Jesse Jackson was in Chicago touting that AK-47s and fully automatic guns were the cause of all of the violent crime in Chicago.  We’re not sure where he got his information about the guns involved in Chicago crime, especially as handguns are the primary tool used by criminals to further their anti-social activities.  Perhaps the real real reason he was in town to visit his illegitimate daughter’s baby’s mama for Mother’s Day.  After all, in 2001, he said he completely forgot his then four-year-old daughter at Christmas.  See Jesse Jackson “Forgot” About His Illegitimate Child Last Christmas.

“The League” as they like to call themselves, claim to recognize the right to keep and bear arms for self-protection, yet at this little soiree they only have representatives that want to take away guns from the law-abiding.   How kind of them.  From their press release printed in the Chicago Tribune (how nice of them to grant “The League” the forum to post their tripe):

Gun violence is a complex problem and no one is safe from it. The League recognizes the right to gun ownership; the vast majority of gun owners are responsible seekers of sport and self-protection.

Really now?

Why don’t they have someone to explain the proven benefits of firearms ownership?  Or are they afraid to shine the light of knowledge on the subject?

Guns Save Life is joining the Illinois State Rifle Association is encouraging everyday gun owners to drop in on the event and help dispel any misinformation presented by Mr. Walsh and his merry band of gun prohibitionist friends, bought and paid for by rich philanthropic trusts.

Just as “The League” was wrong about Prohibition, so too are they out of touch about the proven, life-saving benefits of firearms ownership for the law-abiding.

From our friends at the Illinois State Rifle Association:



The extremely anti-gun League of Women Voters is teaming up with the state’s largest gun control organization to hold a recruitment/indoctrination meeting on the 21st of this month.  During this meeting the two organizations will certainly utter all sorts of lies about the right to keep and bear arms as well as vilify lawful Illinois gun owners.

In the past, these two organizations have proposed such things as:
–  Bans on target rifles, pistols and shotguns
–  Taxes on guns and ammo
–  Licensing and registration schemes to include huge registration fees
–  Limits on the types and numbers of firearms you may own

These two groups are working hard to limit and eventually repeal concealed carry in Illinois.


1.  Attend the recruitment session and use your voice to refute the lies about firearm rights.  If you see the media there, approach them and let them know that you are a law-abiding firearm owner and that you do not appreciate others trying to trample on your rights.
2.  If you do attend, be sure to wear IGOLD shirts or hats.  [We at Guns Save Life would add “no camo, no blaze orange” as well.  Dress as you would dress to go to church.  If camo is part of your church attire, it’s time to go shopping for some non-camo!]
3.  Be sure to post this alert to any and all Internet blogs, chat rooms, or social media to which you belong.
4.  Be sure to pass this alert along to your friends and family, tell them to attend as well.
WHAT: League of Women Voters Gun Control Event
WHERE: Church of the Holy Spirit, 400 E. Westminster, Lake Forest, IL
WHEN: Thursday, May 21st, 7:00 PM.  Please try to be there no later than 6:30 PM in order to get a seat.

3 thoughts on “OUT OF TOUCH: League of Women Voters organizing anti-gun forum and YOU’RE INVITED”
  1. I do not see any problem with this picture and the statement, because I don’t think there is enough liquor in the world to make me want to kiss any of them.
    So girls you are safe from me.

  2. I, in particular, had to comment on this.

    While I support the right of women to vote, it seems sad that they are playing politics with gun rights.

    Do they think the Constitution is a cafeteria plan – take what you like and ignore the rest?

  3. The Blue Haired Ninny’s are at it again… the world will be a better place, when they have Passed Away and no longer air their illogical views.

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