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A Democrat New Jersey Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman – proud mother to three boys, two of which have been convicted of armed robbery of a Kids-R-Us store – has introduced legislation to ban the mail order sale of ammunition.

Of course, the bill is going nowhere, and was merely a publicity stunt for the New Jersey Democrat, but indicative of the direction that party is taking at the national level to restrict gun rights.  Her co-sponsor, another Democrat, said this at their pathetic little press conference to announce their scheme:  “This guy [scumbag’s name redacted] in Aurora, Colo. had 6,000 rounds of ammunition,” said leftist Democrat Frank Pallone.  “Just thinking about that, it boggles the mind. How in the world can there be opposition to this kind of initiative?”

Why are gun grabbers such control freaks?

Watson Coleman was promoted to head of the NJ Democrats in 2002, despite being mom of the year for two of her sons sticking up a store.   How many other armed robberies did the dynamic duo commit and not get caught?  How many did they commit as individuals?  Who knows.

Is she a good mom?  Most good moms I know don’t have sons going around sticking a gun in people’s faces offering them a choice of giving up their money or their lives.

It stands to reason that she’s working on the side of criminals to make gun ownership and possession of guns by the law abiding more difficult.  After all, she doesn’t want her criminal thug “childrens” – or those like them – to be shot down by a law-abiding person while committing their next criminal enterprise.


4 thoughts on “BIRDS OF A FEATHER: Democrat NJ Congresswoman proposes mail order ammo ban”
  1. Looks like she had a huge crowd for this event……

    So the pinhead apparently thinks that scumbag could not have gotten 6000 rounds by purchasing locally.

  2. “How in the world can there be opposition to this kind of initiative?”
    Because FACTS and LOGIC. Two concepts it looks like this individual needs to be introduced to.

  3. I bet there are shooting enthusiasts out there who go through 6000 rounds every couple of months.

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