This family installed a very nice video surveillance system after their first home invasion.  As you can see, it’s a high-end home.

Their cameras did a nice job showing the pair of home intruders who were armed with large kitchen knives or similar weapons for their foray into the residence to steal what they could.  Meanwhile, two adults (mom and a nanny?) and a child where cowering in a bedroom, the adults barricading the door with their bodies, trembling in fear while on the phone with police.

The intruders heard them and boldly kicked down the door after the second attempt to breach the room.

The bad guys left only when they discovered police were on the way.

The video is here:



The description from YouTube:  “If anyone can recognize these guys please contact me or San Jose Police Department today my house is burglarized. I am frustrated with all the crime in my neighborhood.”

The commenters were, as usual, insightful at times:

All that’s missing from this video is a 12ga. shotgun blast through the door to neutralize these ‘model citizens’. The video would have vindicated the “frightened for their lives” residents. I doubt these ‘lads’ will change their lives because of this video. I’m sure we will read about them in future police blotters.
Same thing happened to me a few months ago…right around the same time on a Friday. They got alot of stuff. Now i have a 9mm and I will not hestitate to put a bullet hole in one of these assholes If they try again

For what they paid for that home security system, the could have afforded a brace of Glocks or Smith & Wesson revolvers, a few thousand rounds of ammunition and a couple of decent quality training classes to learn how to use their new home defense tools.

Will they be a little quicker on the uptake to arming themselves against a three-peat of this criminal invasion of their home?

Time will tell.

Cops made an arrest – only because the kid turned himself in.


4 thoughts on “DON’T BE A SLOW LEARNER: Video system shows pair of armed intruders in hot burglary”
  1. Most buglers are armed. Not when they enter, or leave, but AFTER they walk through YOUR kitchen. Notice when they picked up the knives? In the kitchen. You can see it in the guys hand after he walks through the kitchen.

    And these guys are so amateur, it should have made home defense a snap. They waltzed right up the fatal funnel of a stairway, with no problem.

    I agree. That poor lady needs to get smart.

  2. Also notice, it appears (not 100%) that they entered through an open/unlocked patio door. And this is in broad daylight. Not all bad things happen in the dark. If you are going to spend the money on such a sophisticated system, why leave your house so open and easy to target? A lot can be learned from watching this.

  3. Also notice that she called the police while they were trying to get into the bedroom. AFTER the bad guys left there was another minute or two of video… still no police arrival.

    You are on your own, plan for that!

  4. Were the “boys” illegal aliens?

    Maybe they didn’t understand English.

    I bet they understand hot lead though!

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