Race hustlers working for the Black Grievance Industry continue to perpetuate the myth that there is an epidemic of white cops killing blacks for no reason in America.  These charlatans sow the seeds of distrust and hate against the very people who work hard to keep all Americans safe – including blacks.

That distrust and hate legitimizes and emboldens some evil men’s desire to “punish” cops for the imaginary transgressions of other law enforcement officers.

Last night in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, we saw the latest in that trend.

The two men, along with the girlfriend of one, were in a gold Escalade when they were stopped by one of the two now-dead cops.  They shot him and then another officer who rolled up on the report of shots fired.  Not surprisingly, it’s the UK Daily Mail that has the best coverage.  Oh yes, both of these felon members of America’s criminal class have multiple arrests for weapons and gun charges.

Curtis Banks, left and his brother Marvin Banks.
Curtis Banks, left and his brother Marvin Banks.  Photo via Gateway Pundit.

Cops nabbed them, along with the girlfriend later in the night.

Joanie Calloway.
Joanie Calloway.


The victims:


Benjamin Deen receiving the "Officer of the Year 2012" award.
Benjamin Deen receiving the “Officer of the Year 2012” award.

And here’s a shot of one of those arrested:

Smoking a marijuana blunt.

Smoking a marijuana blunt.

Here is a more recent photo of one of the brothers from the Hattiesburg American.


To all of America’s police officers:  Be careful and stay safe.  The great, overwhelming majority of us support you and your work – even if sometimes it doesn’t seem that way.

15 thoughts on “OPEN SEASON ON AMERICA’S FINEST? Two cops ambushed, killed in Hattiesburg, MS”
  1. Did you see the bitch that worked at Subway proudly supporting those killers?


    They fired her.

    My question is: Who hired her in the first place?

    If she’s got that much ignorance and hate, it should have been plainly obvious in an interview (or pre-interview on her job application with misspellings, poor grammar & writing).

    Someone needs a 62nd trimester abortion procedure.

  2. Actually it kinda brought to mind the old lawyer joke:

    Whaddya call 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the sea? A: A good start!

    Substitute cops for lawyers and I’m all aboard!

    When I see a cop kilt, I think “Officer Mohammed” of the dishonorable Chitcago P.D., who PERJURED himself without compunction in a misdemeanor trial where the obvious intent was to send me to jail for just about a year. I mean, I’ve heard liars before but he took the cake.

    And then, when I see such a cop kilt, I think, put Officer MO in his place and as myself, “do you feel any pity?” Nope.

    I have yet to meet ONE GOOD COP, in FIFTY years.

    Now tell me how bad I should feel when one of these pigs is wiped off the Earth? Oh, and I happen to be WHITE.

    I can just imagine what young, disobedient black men are going through, considering the racial animus of some of these animal cops, who’ll perjure themselves with no HINT of honor in the case of a white boy.

    Oh, and don’t get me started on officer Jon Burge!!!

    Good riddance, sez I!

    Come around? Nah. SUn Tzu says:

    “If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles… if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”

    I know my enemy. You guys think they’re your FRIENDS.

    They’re the same guys who BEAT UP LIL GRANNY SMITH in Katrina-ville when she exhibited her lil self-protection .38 device. Yeah, those guys.

    Kill ’em all, sez I (Dick the Butcher), and let God sort ’em out.

    1. Wow.. bigot much?

      I have met plenty good cops, and a few bad ones too. The fact that you have not met any of the former is a direct reflection on you, not the state of the LEO community.

      “I’ve never seen” is a complete logical fallacy. “I’ve never seen someone choked to death – therefore it is impossible to choke someone to death.”

      Well, I HAVE seen good cops. Plenty of them. So your foundational assumption has been proven wrong.

      Go back to the drawing board and start over, this time using LOGIC. mmk?

  3. Oh, forgot to mention……..

    Immediately before traipsing over to this online rag to read the latest cop-blowing snarf, I was reading the four-part series on WND, starting here:


    on another GAGGLE of your murderous cop/killers taking out a completely and utterly innocent black mother – while her baby was in the car……AND the despicable, dishonorable and deplorable cover-up that’s now taking place.

    WHich one of you nancy-boys will call those COP/KILLERS your friends?

    It’s ENDEMIC, fellers.

    KNOW YOUR ENEMY. The enemy wears BLUE!

    1. Ken,

      Did a cop sleep with your wife when you were at work or something? Did your first wife leave you for a cop too? I just don’t get your impassioned hate. It’s gotta be personal.

      I’ve known plenty of cops over the years. They were all pretty much between good guys and great guys. Kind of like the people I’ve met who were serious about their guns. Gun aficionados are certainly better than the average Joe by a wide margin.

      I know *of* a couple of bad ones, too. But I know a couple of bad gun owners too. And a couple of bad preachers, professors (like that murderer teaching at the U of I), mayors (Daley *cough*), governors (snarf!), doctors, lawyers, business owners, “community organizers” and the list goes on and on.

      Painting with a broad brush is beneath you, Ken.

      At least I think it should be.

    2. I don’t think I left any room for doubt:

      1. I said I have never met an honest cop in fifty years; but

      2. I have been falsely charged and maliciously prosecuted;


      3. The news is FULL of stories of cops executing innocent people.

      What makes you think it’s hate? I simply know they’re the enemy. You’d be wise to consider it.

      Cause how buddy-buddy are your cop/killer friends going to be when the order comes down to confiscate YOUR arms? They won’t know you.

    3. BlUE is not my enemy. BLUE is my neighbor. Sometimes you get good neighbors, sometimes you get sh*tty ones. Its called HUMANITY.

      Do not set a standard for BLUE that would NEVER apply to YOU.

    4. 1) “I’ve never met…” We’ve covered this above – complete logical fallacy.

      2) Sh*t happens. I’ve personally been wronged by blacks, Christians, women, and cops. To say that the entire people group of any of the above is represented by the ones that wronged me is IGNORANT BIGOTRY.

      3) So you’re basing your beliefs about a group of people on the NEWS… just making sure I didn’t misread that. I guess you think gun owners are evil then too? And Christians… and Conservatives… and white people… and black people… and every other group the news has set out to demonize.

  4. I guess ken should be assuming that since these cop killers are black, all black men are cop killers. Stands to reason, not?

    Ken, if you look at all of the bad episodes in the course of your life, the only thing common to all of them is YOU. Maybe you should start there.

  5. Oh, and if cops DO come to try and take my guns, then yes, I’ll probably shoot them.

    Until that happens, I will assume they won’t.

  6. KKK:

    N.B. If you’ll re-read my postings, I said “falsely accused,” and “maliciously prosecuted.” That means that I was charged but not convicted (I later sued, of course), and “maliciously” means “without cause or legal justification.”

    So, while I was the one commonality, I WAS in the right.

    I’ll continue to butt heads with you clowns. I know my enemy.

    The fact that YOU DO NOT know your enemy means, in that split second, when timing is ALL that matters, YOU WILL PAUSE, cause the attacker is one of your boyfriends in blue, while I will not.

    Oh, and, for the record, I am a White, Christian, CONSERVATIVE (in the REAGAN sense of the word!), GUN OWNING (and TOTING!) good guy. I simply know and do not kowtow to mine enemy.

    Dear KKK!!! You do KNOW that when you assume, you make an A** out of YOU. NOT ME. You assume away. So did lil granny KONIE down in Katrinaville. She was literally BROKEN by dem boys in blue.


    [if you will, forgive the link to a COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK blab]

    *minor correction. I had a police encounter today, kinda a formality I had to go through, and the man was a great guy and I wanna take that back. I may now have met one good cop. Never let it be said I cannot admit when I MAY BE wrong! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

    P.P.S. Last time I said sumfin about dem fellers wearin’ black skin, ol JB CENSORED my post!!

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