Photo by Yas at Illinois Carry.
Photo by Yas at Illinois Carry.

Jesse Jackson and his Monochrome Push Coalition held an anti-gun rally today in Riverdale in front of Chuck’s Guns.

Talk about a dud.

Those present said there was little energy from Jesse and the locals that he had bused in.  One person said he looked “like an old man”, tired and out of energy.  Another person who was there opined that it was a lack of cameras that left Jesse looking lethargic.  In any event, there was little or none of the tension or aggressiveness from the last event at Chuck’s orchestrated by the Brady Campaign.

Jackson was very approachable, and even posed for pictures with some of the pro-gun folks.

Photo by Warface at Illinois Carry.
Photo by Warface at Illinois Carry.

Our side brought out all sorts of folks, including families.

Photo by Yas at Illinois Carry.
Photo by Yas at Illinois Carry.
Photo by CountZero at Illinois Carry.
Photo by CountZero at Illinois Carry.

If Jackson was hoping for a headline-grabbing event, he failed big time.

Which is fine with us.

15 thoughts on “DUD: Jesse Jackson’s anti-gun protest a big dud”
  1. What’s up? Jesse run out of places to hustle folks? He looks old and tired.

    1. Anyone who wants to here anything this stupid S.O.B has to say are so out in left field waiving throw me the ball , and would only catch it with their for head that it’s comical.
      This excuse for a man is nothing but a pawn to insight racial tension and violence in order to make himself feel relevant and for his 10 minutes of the limelight. He’d do more good for the planet as worm food in my view.

  2. O can’t you see he’s switching sides look at the picture– he sees a much brighter future with us !!!

  3. Jesse being as glum as the weather didn’t stop him from making a fool out of himself because Rev.Jackson outside Chuck’s gun store blamed AK47s, fully automatics for Chicago gun violence ‪#‎2A‬

  4. I’ve seen the stats: It isn’t AKs and full autos responsible for Chicago’s violence.

    It’s young black males.


  5. By the way how is that felon son of yours doing and did you ever get that child support thing taken care of

  6. Jessie. Listen to me—I am gonna tell you the same thing I told mr. Flaker from St. Sabrina You claim to be clergy. So why don’t you conduct your ministry in a Godley way. You could. Preach the Gospel Maybe even have a revival Bring the people in. Let God convict them of their ways and you will see some positive results and you will be doing your job. —- REVEREND. Jackson !!!

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