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What stops a bad person with evil in their heart?   A good guy with a gun, of course.

While some leftists dispute that simple fact, it was proven once more in Oklahoma in recent days.

An Oklahoma City cop getting beat over the head with his own baton was saved by a good Samaritan civilian with a gun.

From News9:

During the chase the two officers became separated. Eller found himself alone when he caught up to Jermaine in a driveway of a nearby home and as he tried to place him under arrest, a fight ensued. During the struggle, Jermaine was able to take Eller’s police baton and then proceeded to strike him over the head somewhere between six and 12 times.

According to a report, that’s when a witness nearby charged up with his weapon drawn and told Jermaine he would shoot him if he did not stop hitting Eller. That heroic witness has not been identified.

Police haven’t identified the heroic witness who got involved to save the innocent life of the cop.

Here are the twin brothers, members of the Dindu Nuffin family:

The suspects following their respective arrests, including Jermaine, right, arrested after tryig to beat a cop to death with a baton.
The suspects following their respective arrests, including Jermaine, right, arrested after trying to beat a cop to death with a baton.  They must have thought it was funny.  Photos via News9.

Their history?  From News9:

Both suspects are no strangers to law enforcement. Both have various criminal convictions. They have been in the Oklahoma County Jail a combined 70 times.

But their momma tells KOCO5 that they are innocent:

Speaking to KOCO 5, the twin’s mother Claudine Williams said her boys are innocent.

“They have their faults,” she said. “I will admit they do things like any other kid or any other young adult would do but I don’t believe that they did this. I just think they were considered as a suspect and they just ran and tried to defend themselves.”

The momma’s boyfriend had this to say to KFOR of the 26-year-old thugs:

The boys’ family didn’t seem to think it was right.

“They need to come home.  They don’t need to be in the jail.  They need to come home,” said Trimaine Williams’ fiancée, Tracy Macon.

Boys?  The boys’ family?  These 26-year-0ld monsters need to be in prison, not at home victimizing others.

4 thoughts on “CONCEALED CARRY SAVES LIVES: OKC cop saved by good guy witness with a gun”
  1. It’s a damn shame we always read about the worst of “Obama’s Sons”, when I know the majority are good folks. You never read about the good folks leading honorable, decent lives in pursuit of the American dream. It’s always these low-class, low-life, non-productive pieces of feral scum who should have been aborted (or should be aborted right now).

    Given the smirks on their faces, it seems insufficient hickory shampoo was applied to these two thugs post arrest. Someone should work with the PD there to show them how suspects repeatedly fall down stairs. Over and over again.

  2. There is no excuse for these two criminals not being in prison already. If they had been arrested a collective 70 times, they should already be in the Graybar Hotel, along with some judges, district attorneys, and parole boards who let them go free. There needs to be some consequences for members of the legal system who let criminals run the streets. Kudos to the good guy with a gun. No doubt he will be prosecuted for taking the law into his own hands. If not, Jermaine and his low-life brother will hunt down the do-gooder and administer their own street justice on him/her. He/she better be practicing situational awareness as it may come in handy as soon as Jermaine is released (should already be free if past history repeats itself!).

  3. Who amongst us wouldn’t help a cop or soldier in trouble?

    Really now.

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