The first rule of a gun fight is to bring a gun.

That’s something an 18-year-old thug from Streamwood, IL failed to do when he waltzed into a backyard with a “companion” and announced an armed robbery, according to the Daily Herald.

Konrad Janel the magnificent.  Somewhere, a village is missing its idiot.

“I have a Glock,” Konrad Janel said, according to cops.

In reality, Konrad the Creep didn’t have jack.

Unfortunately for him, his victim was a concealed carry licensee who did have his Gat with him.

When Konrad saw his intended victim’s gun, he filled his shorts and took off lickety split, only to be nabbed later by cops.  His pal was held by some of the others in the backyard until police arrived.



4 thoughts on “ROBBERY THWARTED BY ILLINOIS CCW: Streamwood license-holder thwarts armed robbery”
  1. I thought that CCW licensees were these trigger-happy vigilantes just looking for a chance to pull the trigger and shoot the stuffing out of a bad guy (or skipping the chance and going off their rocker and opening fire just to kill someone!).

    I know this to be the case because the mainstream media keeps telling me this.

    And then stories like this come along where a CCW licensee displays remarkable restraint!

    I’m confused.


    1. “Truth” is a varible thing with the lamestream “media”. (no sarc)

  2. Konrad is gonna go far in life.

    First thing he’s gonna hear in the joint? “He sure does have a purdy mouth.”

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