Over 130 people showed up for our May 2015 monthly Guns Save Life meeting in Pontiac, IL at the VFW.  The food was good, the fellowship was better and we had guns too!


Tiffany Piper, the world-champion competitive shooter from New Zealand was a surprise visitor.  Yeah, she won recognition for traveling the furthest to attend the meeting.  In fact, she may have won the all-time award for furthest travel, but we’ll let the geography whiz-kids figure it out between her and the reporters from Moscow and the gentleman from Turkey in the past few years.

Tiffany asked if you can “like” her Facebook page.  Hop on over there and click “like”.

Photo via Women's Outdoor News.
Tiffany from a couple of years ago at the Biachi Cup.


A shot of about half of those in attendance from the back corner of the room ten minutes or so before the meeting began.
A shot of a little over half of those in attendance from the back corner of the room ten minutes or so before the meeting began.

Also in attendance was our main speaker, Michelle Ramlow, a US Navy veteran who was in the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001.

Michelle Ramlow.
Michelle Ramlow.

She told us her story of the immediate aftermath of American Airlines Flight 77 which struck the Pentagon under her office that morning after being hijacked by Muslim terrorists.  She credits the fact that the plane went into the ground/building at an angle for her being alive today.

Image via wiki.

Also at the meeting were an impressive collection of M1 Carbines, brought by member Jackie Vandt.

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And we like to have fun.

One young man wanted his picture taken with the celebrity of sorts from half-way around the world.

Of course, Tiffany obliged.




Why is it young men always get red-faced next to pretty girls?

Tiffany isn’t aloof or arrogant.  She’s just regular, everyday people like the rest of us.  She shared a few laughs with GSL’s sponsored shooters Chris and Hope Betley.




Oh yes, as is our custom, we gave away a gun.  This month’s gun was a Kel-Tec PMR-30, kindly provided by South Post Guns in Streator.  It was won by Bill Fitz.  We sold a lot of tickets for the very desirable gun and can’t thank South Post Guns enough for providing the piece for us.



The meeting was our first since we were skewered after last month’s meeting by the local newspaper, the Pontiac Daily Leader.  In an editorial story written by a young “journalist”, just out of college, we were made out to be a bunch of alcoholic, old white guys with various mental disorders, playing with guns just waiting to play vigilante.  He goes on to slur those in attendance and those who think like them in this nation as “tea baggers”.

It was clear he didn’t consider himself like those he saw around him.

He was correct.  Not only was the reporter very bigoted in his anti-gun beliefs, he wasn’t nearly as much of a law-abiding good guy like those in attendance.   The reporter, due to his pending drunk driving case (the second in four years for him) is ineligible to be issued a carry license – something the vast majority of our meeting attendees have in their wallets or purses.


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  1. I see I missed a great meeting!

    It’s always nice when we have women speakers… Confuses those bigots who hate guns and think gun owners are all a bunch of redneck inbreeders from the set of Deliverance.

    Next thing you know, we’ll have Jackie speak. The poor leftists won’t know what to do with that!


  2. Is Tiffany single? She looks as though she would have wife potential for my son!

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