The Islamic State bunch of Seventh-century theocratic terrorists posted a boastful threat on the interwebs yesterday.  It was supposedly written by a former American, Ibrahim Al Ameriki.

Here is some of the text of the threat via Super Mexican:

The attack by the Islamic State in America is only the beginning of our efforts to establish a wiliyah in the heart of our enemy. Our aim was the khanzeer Pamela Geller and to show her that we don’t care what land she hides in or what sky shields her; we will send all our Lions to achieve her slaughter. This will heal the hearts of our brothers and disperse the ones behind her. To those who protect her: this will be your only warning of housing this woman and her circus show. Everyone who houses her events, gives her a platform to spill her filth are legitimate targets.

We have 71 trained soldiers in 15 different states ready at our word to attack any target we desire. Out of the 71 trained soldiers 23 have signed up for missions like Sunday, We are increasing in number bithnillah. Of the 15 states, 5 we will name… Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, California, and Michigan. The disbelievers who shot our brothers think that you killed someone untrained, nay, they gave you their bodies in plain view because we were watching.

So they want to kill Pamela Geller.

I’m guessing Pam isn’t all that worried.

Does anyone remember Ann Barhardt?


She posted a pair of YouTube videos a little over four years ago thoroughly excoriating Islam and the Koran, citing verses she bookmarked with bacon.  Why bacon?  She says it makes the best Koranic bookmark.  She then tears out the pages she cites as particularly evil and setting them ablaze “to send them back into Hell from which they came”.  See Part IPart II.

She received tons of hate mail and death threats from Muslims worldwide.  How did she respond?

She gave them directions to her home.

Re: you should be killed.

Dear Shariyah4pakistan,

My name is Ann Barnhardt and my address is 9175 Kornbrust Circle, Lone Tree, CO 80124. I am a 35 year old single female who lives alone. Here are driving directions to my home from the Denver Airport. There are daily direct flights to Denver from both Heathrow-London and Frankfurt, so you could be here within 24 hours quite easily. After arriving at Denver and passing through customs, you will need to catch the shuttle to the rental car facility. Once in your rental car, take Pena Boulevard to I-225 south. Proceed on I-225 south to I-25 south. Proceed south on I-25 to Lincoln Avenue which is exit 193. Turn right (west) onto Lincoln. Proceed west to the fourth light, and turn left (south) onto Ridgegate Boulevard. Proceed south, through the roundabout to Kornbrust Drive. Turn left onto Kornbrust Drive and then take an immediate right onto Kornbrust Circle. I’m at 9175.

You are more than welcome to come to my home, or to send other musloids here in the U.S. that you have recruited, to try to “kill me in a bad way”. Please do. I have multiple weapons systems that I would like to try out in a live tactical engagement. There are several mosques in Colorado. Here is the contact information for the main mosque here in Denver, which is not terribly far from my home. Please feel free to contact this mosque, or any other, and recruit jihadis to come and “kill me in a bad way”.

Masjid Abu Bakr
Imam Karim Abu Zaid
2071 South Parker Road
Denver, CO 80231
Phone: 303-696-9800

In fact, if you are a devout musloid, you are absolutely required by the koran to do just that, and if you don’t, then your belief in and devotion to the fake pagan moon deity “allah” and the pedophile cult-leader mohammed (pig diarrhea be upon him) is in question. Are you REALLY a muslim? Or are you so terrified by a young, single Christian woman in the United States that you have been driven by your own trembling fear into apostasy?

Somebody posted this photo of her earlier in the day on the other thread. I’ll repost it so you can put a face to the writing.

Photo via Ann

Ann Barnhardt is alive and well today, years later.  There has not been a single angry Muslim bent upon jihad who has attempted to kill her.  Or, if there was, they weren’t smart enough to follow the directions to her home.

Granted, Miss Barnhardt took steps to protect herself, including arming herself and seeking out training to use her self-defense tools.


Which brings us back to Pamela Geller.  Should she get all worked up?

She should be prudent, but there’s no need to hide in a bunker.  Not by a long shot.

71 trained ISIS “soldiers” in America?

Let’s look at their track record thus far, shall we?

Two of their trained ISIS “soldiers”, wearing body armor and carrying AK-47 rifles, were shot down within feet of leaving their car by a good guy beat cop armed with a handgun.  Well, the cop was armed with some courage and valor in addition to his Glock and some solid training.  A single good guy with a gun truncated a barbaric attack almost instantly, and the two would-be spree killers were left to die in a pool of their own blood.  The only innocent injured was an unarmed security guard who was hit in the ankle – quite possibly by a ricochet.

Photo via Concealed Carry Nation.

If the 71, now 69, trained ISIS “soldiers” in America are like the two social misfits in Garland, Texas, then an average American armed with a concealed carry firearm will likely be able to thwart any future attacks.

They mentioned Illinois as one of the states where they have soldiers.

It’s only prudent that you apply for your concealed carry license and begin carrying your firearm as often as you are legally able once you have received it. 

You have a choice to make:  You can be that good guy with a gun who stops bad Muslims with evil in their hearts.  Or you can be that person who cowers on your knees pleading for mercy from savage Muslim terrorists bent on killing non-believers before they shoot you or saw your head off with a dull knife.  If you are unarmed and under attack, hopefully you will get lucky and those ISIS mongrels in Illinois won’t rape the females in your family before killing them too.

Pamela Geller is making her choice.  She’s got plans for another free speech event.  Let’s home it’s coming close to home for more “trained” ISIS lions.

I’m guessing if she wanted to have it in Central Illinois, we could arrange a venue or three.  We would probably have to hold a lottery for people volunteering to provide security though to augment the local police presence.


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  1. “I’m guessing if she wanted to have it in Central Illinois, we could arrange a venue or three. ”

    Stop teasing us, John.

  2. Will there be food served? I would chip in for a pig roast in the parking lot.

  3. Lets organize a virgin goat show as a companion event, if the venue has the extra space. That should bring the “lions” (lower case) in by the bus load.

    The after-show party could include Russ’s pig roast. We have to have plenty of bacon, though!

    1. I think beastiality is a no-no under Illinois law.

      Those poor ISIS “soldiers” can’t legally have relations with goats because of that…

  4. I would be delighted to provide overwatch with my Barrett .50 BMG…

    You know what BMG stands for, right? Kinda like that guy who brought the .45-70 BFR way back when, only a lot bigger.

    If that’s too much gun, I’d volunteer to use my M1A with soft points. That would cut down on over penetration issues from the fifty.

  5. Will the event have an “aloha snackbar”?

    (Awesome post, John. Ann is the real deal.)

  6. Since Pam’s not getting any federal help, maybe she could post directions to her house too.


  7. Ok. Sounds like a picnic so put me down to pay for the pigs — better have 2. Because it looks like it’s going to be a BIG. Picnic.

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