ISIS claimed credit for the terror attack Sunday evening in Garland, Texas.  In that attack, two inept social misfits died in a hail of gunfire within feet of their car as they tried to attack a free speech conference and massacre the participants.

Just after the attack as announced, an ISIS clown in Great Britain put out a Tweet bragging, “They Thought They Was Safe In Texas From The Soldiers of The Islamic State.”

If that’s the best The Islamic State has, then a little old lady with a concealed carry revolver in her purse ought to be able to thwart the next ISIS attack on American soil.

Garland, TX (AFP) – The Islamic State group on Tuesday claimed responsibility for its first attack on US soil…

…”We tell America that what is coming will be even bigger and more bitter, and that you will see the soldiers of the Islamic State do terrible things,” the group announced.

They’re talk a good game.  Undoubtedly they would love to have that level of success in conducting terror attacks.  The only problem?  Garland Texas isn’t Paris France.

Here’s John Farnam’s thoughts.


This is TX, not  France!

by John Farnam

After yesterday’s shooting near Dallas, ISIS immodestly tweeted: “They thought they were safe in Texas from Soldiers of The Islamic State.”

As it turned out, their overconfident boasting was premature. They obviously thought this attack would be successful, and many innocents would be slaughtered, as usual. They apparently got Texas mixed up with France!

Last January, ISIS murderers attacked, in a similar way, and for similar reasons, the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris, France. Unarmed victims there were slaughtered wholesale. No police protection and no armed citizens.

Not this time!

This time, ISIS murderers were effectively engaged by heavily-armed police moments after their attack began. The attack was thus nipped in the bud!  Both would-be murderers were killed instantly.

In the aftermath, police openly armed with M4s were seen securing the area.

No “unarmed victims” this time!

Texans have shown the rest of us how to correctly deal with Islamic terrorists!  They’ve also shown us how to fearlessly exercise our First Amendment Rights as Americans.

I trust these important lessons are not lost on our legions of VBCs (Victims, by Choice).

“Those who insist on being sheep had better resign themselves to being regularly sheared, and ultimately slaughtered!”


13 thoughts on “FARNAM: A Tale of Two States; ISIS claims credit for Texas terror attack”
  1. This was definitely a happy ending but do not be count out the possibility that terrorists may be more successful in other locations where the response will not be as effective. I am particularly worried about Gun Free Zones where armed response by those who obey the law may be difficult. That is why we as citizens must continue to press our elected officials to reduce the number of GFZs and thereby allow us to protect ourselves against terrorist action.

  2. Unfortunately, being a border state, Texas is on the front lines for towels sneaking across. We know our idiot in charge is not going to do anything about that, so it will be up to the people of Texas, and elsewhere.

    [Edited by jboch. In general, please don’t refer to Muslim terrorists with the pejorative involving towels and craniums. Thanks]

    1. Yes, the porous border is a problem but these guys were 75% homegrown (one fully American-born, the other a legal immigrant if I’m not mistaken.)

      This incident is also another example of the “police can’t protect you” but on a larger scale: the FBI failed to put one of these shit heads in jail, and even though they were on the FBI radar they were STILL able to try and play shoot-m-up.

    2. JB:

      What makes use of the epithet “towels” any less offensive than that “n-word” which is so evil its name shan’t be spaked?

      I think you censored my use of that infamous, murderous word in a post here.

      I’m offended by the use of towels in this sense.

      [You’re right. It’s not and it’s been struck. In general, please don’t refer to Muslim terrorists with the pejorative involving towels and craniums. Thanks.]

  3. Chicago, Illinois would be a good locale for Paris-like results. Or L.A. or NYC. With the rarity of cc licensees, attacks there are more likely to generate higher body counts in those liberal-run cities.

    Trying to launch an attack on Texas? Those two really were retarded in every sense of the word. Guess they thought their Koran would stop bullets.

    God bless Texas.

  4. Just after the attack as announced, an ISIS clown in Great Britain put out a Tweet bragging, “They Thought They Was Safe In Texas From The Soldiers of The Islamic State.”

    Um, it appears “they” WERE.

  5. So, if they wear towels on their heads, what does that make them?
    If they are not towels, then what are they, rags or diapers?
    I would guess maybe diapers, to contain what is inside the cranium.

    BTW, I think I am offended by the use of the word “retarded.”
    It is now “Intellectually Disabled.”

    Yes, I am being ridiculous. See how far we can take it?

  6. So Bloomberg and and Mommy’s against are Treasonous and Seditious in giving aid and comfort to the Enemy and using the freedom of speech to do so, preaching disarmament with attacks in our home land all the mommy’s against will be very happy wearing Burkas, cant you see Bloomberg in a robe and turban or Shemaugh
    one by on start accusing them of Treason!

  7. Let’s remember that it wasn’t a huge SWAT team that took out these two idiots. It was solitary man using a handgun. He happened to be a police officer, but I know plenty of competent people with tactical training. The SWAT team came out afterwards to control the scene.

    There are plenty of good people in this country that have weapons. Most of us are trained and prudent, but not worried.

  8. I just heard on Fox News that there isn’t anything in the Koran that prohibits the drawing of Muhammad. It was all made up by the Taliban in 2001!
    So, shut up already! Free speech isn’t just for the liberals.

  9. The Feds are offering “NO” protection for Pam Geller even with the death threats by ISIS.

    Pam put on the contest to show that Islam is not compatable with the Bill of Rights.

    Sadly she may have proved her point too well!

    A clearic is calling for her to be brought before an Islamic Court for justic and if found guilty the clearic said she should be put to death.

  10. It’s not freedom of speech from the left. It’s “Freedom of THEIR speech”.

    I too was shocked to hear Pamela Geller is receiving no security help from the feds. It’s almost like old jug ears wants her to get whacked.

    In reality though, most all of those leftist Muslim terrorists in America are really just cowards. Little sissy cowards, lifting their asses each day to some false prophet in the name of a cult that adores violence.

    Someone should drop an atomic bomb on that piece of rock they all worship. Reminds me of that movie where some backwards tribe worshiped a Coke bottle someone tossed out of an airplane.


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