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Police are hailing a 31-year-old concealed carry licensee who put an end to a one-man crime spree in Orem, UT last weekend while making a trip to buy some groceries, according to

The gun owner heard a woman screaming as she was being carjacked, and intervened to stop the violent attack.  The 27-year-old would-be carjacker, Taulagi Matafeo, had already attacked another woman earlier in the morning and stole a truck from a residence.

The good Samaritan stopped the carjacking and ordered Matafeo out of the vehicle.  Matafeo feigned compliance at first, but feeling his oats, the violent thug lunged towards the gun in an effort to wrest the gun away. 

Mr. Matafeo got himself perforated for his troubles.

It was a terrible tragedy when paramedics couldn’t save the would-be carjacker.

There was no mention of the incident at Moms Demand Action who have been aggressively lobbying Kroger to ban guns from their company’s stores.  The MDA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire gun grabber, claims that there’s no need for guns at grocery stores.

The woman who was being attacked at Macey’s in Orem might beg to differ.

LESSON:  Violent criminals will often say what they what they believe you want to hear while every fiber of their being does what they want to do.  Don’t listen to their words, but instead watch their actions and their hands.


(AP) — An unarmed man fatally shot during an attempted carjacking outside a Utah grocery store over the weekend had prior convictions for robbery and assault and was already being sought by police when a bystander shot him, police said Monday.

Police said 26-year-old Taulagi Matafeo of Springville was shot in the chest Saturday after he lunged for a gun pointed by a 31-year-old Orem man who intervened in the carjacking about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City.

… Matafeo was also being sought by police on arrest warrants for felony robbery and burglary and some misdemeanor charges.

It wasn’t the only self-defense shooting in Utah over the weekend. Five miles away in the town of Pleasant Grove, a homeowner shot and killed five a 24-year-old man who was trying to get inside his house early Sunday morning.

Both shooting cases will be reviewed by the Utah County attorney’s office to determine whether criminal charges should be filed.

But Utah attorney Greg Skordas, a former prosecutor, says charges are unlikely in either case.




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  1. Was Tall-loogey Matafeo a member of the Dindu clan?

    Did he think he was in Chicago or Baltimore? I personally would think the only place worse than Utah to try that crap might be Texas.

    Thanks for a pick-me-up story. I love happy endings in stories.


  2. Kind of ironic that the acronym for Moms Demand Action is MDA.
    Maybe we should refer to them as Jerry’s Kids.

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