There are lots of good people in Baltimore.  Real men and women.  Good Americans.

And they’ve had enough.

From Gateway Pundit:   “Take a good look, Obama, Sharpton, et al. This is what real men look like.”

Photo via Weasel Zippers

You can bet many of these same people have guns at home.

h/t to Weasel Zippers.

6 thoughts on “BALTIMORE: Good people are stepping up.”
  1. Thanks for posting this. No, you won’t see it on the news, and I haven’t. Kinda gives me hope for them yet.

  2. I needed to see something upbeat after reading some stories on Drudge before coming here. This has the makings for a total unmitigated disaster, thanks to Democrat politicians.

    These “HUG A THUG” politicians only care about the feelings of violent criminal perpetrators. They completely ignore the hard-working members of the community who have toiled to build the property that these perps are destroying.

    The Obama Regime has done nothing to help, either.

    It’s almost like Obama and his Democratic friends want more of this.


  3. It’s a start, but we need more good guys to step up.

    Not just in Maryland, but across America!

    Evil will triumph when good men do nothing.

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