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Child molester gets his just desserts in Michigan, courtesy of the man in chains pictured above.

He freely admits he took the child molester’s life.

We say his cell is a good place to house the worst of the worst when it comes to child molesters.

The child molester?  He was in the process of appealing his conviction.

(Grand Haven Tribune) – Officials believe Theodore Dyer, 67, was killed by his cellmate at the Saginaw Correctional Facility.

A Michigan Department of Corrections spokesperson said Dyer was strangled, and the cellmate was moved to a higher-level security area.

Dyer was in the process of appealing his conviction at the time of his death.

Grand Haven Department of Public Safety officers arrested Dyer in July 2013 after the 8-year-old girl’s mother saw him molesting the child.

Testimony during the man’s December 2013 trial revealed the child and her siblings regularly visited the apartment across the hall that Dyer shared with his girlfriend. One night, the girl’s mother went to retrieve her daughter and found the man performing oral sex on the child, the mother testified.

The child testified that it wasn’t the first time that happened.

The jury took 10 minutes to convict Dyer of first-degree criminal sexual conduct after the one-day trial. He was sentenced Jan. 20.


9 thoughts on “PRISON JUSTICE: Child molester gets his just desserts”
  1. I’d send this guy a carton of smokes, but I’m sure they don’t allow smoking anymore.

    Seems like we should do something to thank him for his public service.


  2. I love the smile on his face. That’s the look of satisfaction with a job well done.

  3. He did well.

    Thank you, Mr. Sandison. You seem like a decent guy. Maybe Barack Obama will pardon you before he leaves office.

    Oh, that’s right. Obama only does that for drug dealers. And cop killers.

  4. You so-called “men” are inhuman. I pray for you – and more importantly – US – when the SHTF comes to pass.

    You’ll be ANIMALS to be executed yourselves.

    Come get some.

  5. A lot of projection here.
    Sandison was/is in state prison. What is he in prison for?
    He killed his cellmate. His cellmate was a child molester. But other than Sandison’s self-serving statement, there’s no evidence that he killed the cellmate BECAUSE he was a child molester. He could just as easily have killed him in an argument over the last chicken leg.
    This guy is no hero.

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