Cartoon via The Economist
A cartoon from The Economist. We can only wonder what sort of bigoted caricatures they drew of black folks when civil rights activists were fighting segregation in 1960s America. While they might consider this cartoon satire, I consider it offensive.


The Economist treats the world to a pathetic screed with a Brit’s perspective on why 2015 is shaping up to be a banner year for gun rights, freedom (he doesn’t mention that) and the NRA.

Here’s the headline:

Why the gun lobby is winning

To prevent gun deaths, politicians offer—more guns

You can probably guess where it’s going from the opening few words:

WHEN a young man walked into an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut in December 2012…

Just like when someone starts a joke with “A man walked into a bar…”  you just know it’s going to be a bad joke.

And The Economist’s piece is, was and remains nothing but a very bad joke.

In fact, it’s so bad that the comments were more enlightening and factually-based than the story itself.

Is it any wonder the Economist is having a difficult time in today’s marketplace?

We would offer them some hints on correcting the error of their ways, but I think it was Napoleon that said, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”


Paul Marks writes in comments:

Sometimes I think I am too hard on the Economist publication – but then an article like this comes along.

Wildly inaccurate, written in highly offensive language, and with a deep bias, indeed actual hatred, of liberty.

This sort of article may be wildly popular among Oxbridge types (with the “New Liberalism” of T.H. Green and co), but is so contrary to the basic principles of the United States Bill of Rights, that it explains why the Economist is failing in the United States.

Just as T.H. Green was really Thomas Hobbes with a smile painted on (a pretence of liberty hiding support for tyranny) so this sort of article is support for unlimited government power – with a smile of “limited gun control” (a deception that no longer deceives the people) painted on.

Stop pretending you care about the victims of crime – as you know as well as I do that the evidence is that “gun control” measures in the context of the United States do NOT reduce shootings.

What you care about is the worship of government power – which is what all “New Liberals” care about.

Thus you want firearms to be monopolised by the state – and by violent criminals (street gangs and so on) the twin enemies of liberty and property. The government and the mob.

The last thing you want is for honest taxpayers to own firearms – after all they might object to ever higher taxes for “necessary public services and benefits”.


And this one from guest oininli:

The DOJ and Pew Research reports show that gun homicide is down 39% to 49% and total gun crime is down a whopping 79% over the past twenty years. Furthermore, studies show that Permit to Carry holders are exponentially less likely to commit crime of any type than the general public. This author uses debunked statistics spoon fed by the Bloomberg bought and paid for group, Moms Demand. Never let peer reviewed facts get in the way of an agenda.

5 thoughts on “ECONOMIST SHOULD STICK TO ECONOMICS: A Brit’s faulty take on Americans, gun rights, and freedom”
  1. That paper magazine is used in pet shops, to line the bottom of the cages for the animals.

  2. There is a reason we put our bootprint on their asses 230-some years ago!

    We are citizens, not subjects.

  3. Speaking of comments there were some especially tenacious shills in there. Sometimes I wonder how many people Bloomberg hires to troll these sorts of articles.

  4. Do you suppose that this Brit feels a guilty remorse that his ancestors forced us too have a Constitution and a 2nd Amendment because His Ancestors tried to subjugate us! or maybe he regrets that he can’t make money other than being a shill. or as an Economist he wants the opportunity to tax us the same as ancestor Grandad wanted too!

  5. If they don’t do economics any better than they do culture, they’ll be joining the likes of “Newsweek” in the defunct category.

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