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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today pardoned Shaneen Allen, the mother of two who was arrested in 2013 for carrying a concealed firearm after she volunteered that she had a gun in the car on a traffic stop when she traveled into New Jersey.


(Breitbart) – Allen’s case became a cause for gun rights activists, such as the National Rifle Association. Executive vice president of the National Rifle Association Wayne LaPierre celebrated the news in a statement to Breitbart News.

“This ends a vulgar chapter in an endless series of shameful episodes where political opportunists seek nothing but their own advantage. I compliment Gov. Christie for doing the right thing,” he said.

Her case drew more attention after Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain refused to allow her pretrial intervention to avoid jail time but did the same for NFL star Ray Rice after he was videotaped beating his wife.

“That’s not justice for me or my children,” said Allen at the time. “What makes Ray Rice so different from me that I couldn’t be accepted by the same prosecutor and judge? Is it that he was a pro athlete but I’m a single mother of two?”


4 thoughts on “BREAKING: Christie pardons Shaneen Allen”
  1. May God watch over her and her children as she tries to get on with her life and being a mom. She didn’t deserve the persecution. Meanwhile, wife-beating superstar continues to enjoy his freedom and a return to some kind of paying football career. Too bad his wife didn’t have a gun.

    Hopefully, she can continue to protect her family to the fullest. The attention from other pro-gun activists brought her story to the forefront and gave her a second chance.

  2. I stumbled upon this news by chance tonight. I knew of her story and I felt the frustration so many others must have felt; I can’t imagine how Ms. Allen has felt. I had been wondering even recently whatever became of her fate.

    I am so pleased to read this news. Among so many other pieces of news in America and in the world which chip away at my outlook for the future, this story has helped me believe there is hope.

    I wonder how badly her financial situation has become, given her legal defense fees. Perhaps there is a GoFundMe account for her.

    I will echo the earlier post — May God keep watch over Shaneen and her kids. And thank you, Governor Christie, for doing the right thing.

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