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Sarah Brady, the woman who rode her husband’s fifteen minutes of fame as Reagan’s press secretary gravely wounded in an attempt on Reagan’s life into a paying gig promoting gun control and victim disarmament, has died of pneumonia.  She was 73.

We would love to have been there when she appeared before the Lord asking to enter Heaven.  We imagine God probably had a good chuckle at that.

What this will mean for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership is unknown.  The group is already effectively on life support, thanks to Michael Bloomberg sucking all of the oxygen out of the gun control room with his litany of freedom-eschewing groups.

We’re guessing the remaining paid staff of the Brady Campaign will:

1.  Use Sarah’s expiration as a fundraising tool.  “We need more money to continue her and Jim’s legacy,” they’ll write of Brady and her husband.  How true that is!  A legacy of attempting to disarm the law-abiding, while squandering millions of dollars trying to promote recreation of past tyranny.

2.  Desperately seek funding to save their jobs from billionaire foundations.

Withing five years they will probably be either gone, or more likely, absorbed by Bloomberg’s groups.

That will be good riddance

Special note for comments:  This isn’t the CSGV page.  Please don’t leave ugly comments about her demise.  Unlike CSGV, we try to stay classy.

15 thoughts on “SHE’S DEAD: Sarah Brady meets Jesus”
  1. Your admonishment to stay classy is ironic given your headline and statement about God laughing at her.

  2. Well, it’s Easter Weekend so I’ll refrain from anything too ugly.

    On a completely unrelated note (wink, wink), I would like to point out that if you spend thirty years doing the work of the Devil … violating civil rights, disarming the innocent, enabling and embolding criminals, and advocating policies that not only lead to loss of life at the hands of criminals, but also promote an increase in government tyranny … I don’t think you go meet the Son or the Father up in heaven.

    I thonk you go hang out with Ted Kennedy somewhere else …

    1. I agree Jerry. If the loss had been one of ours I would hope for our opponents to be mindful of the loved ones who are grieving.

    2. This woman devoted most of her life fighting for political change that leads directly to a climate where your family is disappeared in the night, stripped naked and unceremoniously shot against a wall before being deposited in a shallow unmarked grave.

      I don’t hate her and don’t wish her pain but I celebrate her death because her very existence was detrimental to my way of life.

      As stated elsewhere here the very people we stand against literally wish for our deaths. It’s well-documented. Being glad one of their more powerful ilk has passed is healthy and warranted.

    3. The same compassion the gun bigots and tyrants have for us?

      The compassion they show when a law-abiding father or mother goes to prison, and the rest of the family loses everything, for a technical violation of some BS gun control law? The compassion they show when people are MURDERED because they were disarmed? The compassion they show when hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of our American brothers and sisters are living under threat of becoming jailed FELONS for posessing rifles and magazines in places like CT, NY, CO?

      You go ahead and be the better man and have some compassion for these tyrants, I’ll save mine for their victims. But you’re a fool if you think they shed a single tear for the very real suffering endured by the victims of their actions.

    4. You are spot on! I have no sympathy that she is dead and gone! In fact, I will mark the day she died as an anniversary going forward to buy a gun! Her views and opinions were heavily misguided and many law abiding citizens paid the price for them, with their lives even! Don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t wait to read the headline when Bloomberg finally leaves this place! Now that anniversary day will be a huge celebration with fellow patriots! Heck, that might constitute a celebration week off every year for that one!

  3. Just take the poster of all the dictators for gun control that have died, put them in a BIG room, then put her in there saying, ” I’ve made a wrong turn somewhere coming here, I’m in the wrong place. ” Kennedy would offering drive if she wants to leave.

  4. Sorry Jon but I don’t think she’s headed in that direction.

    Jesus was pro-gun, he commanded his followers to arm themselves even though it was against the law for his followers to be armed.

    When our Founding Fathers wrote our 2A they wrote Christ’s last commandment into our Bill of Rights

  5. What a low class article, as a conservative,Christian, and gun owner gun rights activists I am embarrassed that GSL would stoop to this level.

  6. All in all, very restrained comments about the “lady”. I think her husband’s ordeal was tragic, he was a good man. I am sorry they had to suffer for a criminal’s actions. But I am also more than dismayed that they chose to take out their grief on law-abiding gun owners, by lending their names as spokespersons for a gun control group. Obama had told her privately that he was working on gun control under the radar. I am glad that she couldn’t keep her mouth shut about it. I guess it’s too much to hope that anyone would spend that amount of energy and capital working to put away violent felons?

  7. The woman was no saint. Indeed she was a statist, elitist, narcississtic opportunist, thank you for calling her out.

    Now, if you had called her a goat screwing pedophile with a radish IQ, that would have been CSGV style.

  8. The first chapter of the Gospel of Mathew , verse. 21 says ; and thou shalt call his name Jesus , for he shall save his people from their sins ..now if I may I would like to turn to the book of Romans Verse. 10-9 -!0. You look that up. And If you do that you will also meet Jesus. Some day. Because the whole message. Of Easter is the forgiveness of our sins because of His shed blood at. Calvary. Some aren’t going to like this. Post. But it is the gospel. Don’t believe it ? Look it up !!

    1. Don’t forget that Christianity is about loving the sinner but not the sin. She was unrepentant up until the very end, so good riddance.

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