Mike Voss, AP / The Daily Journal
In this photo taken on Feb. 27, 2015, Kamron T. Taylor, right, is removed from a Kankakee County courtroom in Kankakee, Ill., by a bailiff and two sheriff’s deputies, after struggling with the deputies and yelling at the crowd in the gallery after being found guilty of murder. Early Wednesday morning, April 1, 2015. Taylor escaped from the Jerome Combs Detention Center in Kankakee after overpowering a guard and taking his keys, uniform and SUV. AP Caption.

Police are still seeking dangerous convicted killer Kamron Taylor, who escaped from a Kankakee, IL jail early yesterday.


If you should see him, consider him armed and extremely dangerous.

He’s highly motivated not to return to prison, where he was awaiting sentencing in the armed robbery killing of another man.

He also was rumored to have hooked up with his 15-year-old girlfriend for a time since his escape, so one can probably add statutory rapist to his upstanding citizen profile.

One can only hope that he chooses his next victim more poorly and ends up dead.

15 thoughts on “WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE Convicted killer escapee still on loose from Kankakee, IL.”
  1. “One can only hope that he chooses his next victim more poorly and ends up dead.” John, you have a way with words, and opinions that most of us probably agree with. Keep up the good work.

  2. I concur with Panzer on all counts.

    I’d prefer they brought him in dead myself. Victim or not.


  3. He better not try his gangsta crap around me or my family. Or he will be R.I.P.

  4. Another son of obama….
    If he meets his end at the hands of the cops, set your ‘hands up don’t shoot’ meter to high….. His behavior does not matter to the drive by media, only his complexion does…

  5. Son of a something, alright. He would be wise to go north. Down south, we have guns and we love reactive targets.

  6. But he looks so respectable in the shirt and tie his lawyer bought him, how could he be guilty?

  7. Lol. He is running from the cops… and the vic’s family. If he killed someone i loved, i think cops would be the least of his worries.

  8. His father, Mr. Dindu Nuffins, was unavailable for comment, to the surprise of no one…

  9. stories like this one put a fire under my rear, If we had more respect in this state for the 2A we wouldn’t be hunting this POS!

    The FOID card needs to go and CC needs to be made easier to get until we go to constitutional Carry!

    Our nation and state are going in the wrong direction. If I had the chance I would be moving to freer pastures like thousands of other people!

  10. Well I only live about 25 miles from where this guy got out and needless to say my awareness has increased a whole bunch. No key left in cars. Doors locked in the house in the daytime. And
    My partner is with me whenever I go out the door. No I am not scared but if iam confronted I am ready And. My night time m-1 carbine.has 30 rounds and one hellova light.

  11. Hummmmmm just increased. The bounty. On this guy to $25,000 Anybody wanna go “” huntin” ???

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