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Most Americans no longer support gun control and there’s a reason for that – they’ve been educated to see that gun control doesn’t work.  What’s more, they’ve learned gun control actually makes society a more dangerous place for good people.

In yet another bit of bad news for Michael Bloomberg and his cabal billionaire gun control buddies, nobody in America believes gun control issues are the number one problem facing America today.  In fact, it was too low to register in a February 2015 Gallup poll (complete report) and in other polls, registered just 1%.  To put that into perspective, four times as many people believe the political leaders who run the country are “lizard people”*

While Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown and a handful of also-rans in the gun control industry have pretty much been relegated to Chicken Little hyperbole on social media websites, Americans recognize the proven benefits of firearm ownership.  They are voting with their wallets, buying guns and ammunition.

In Illinois, for example, we don’t have to rely on faulty surveys to guess the growth in firearm ownership.  The number of FOID holders in 2009 was 1.26 million.  Last year, 2014, the number was up to 1.8 million.  That’s a growth of nearly 50% in just five years.

Graphic from Gallup.

* That’s from Public Policy Polling, a liberal polling organization.

2 thoughts on “WHY GUN CONTROL FAILS: Economy, not guns, is America’s #1 problem”
  1. China has the largest standing army in the world (2.2 million), with the US coming in second (about 1.4 million).

    Having 1.8 million plus IL firearms owners is cool.

  2. I agree, most people worry about supporting their families and lifestyles. But I guess if you have more money than you need, you have to find something to support…

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