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Glenn Beck, the master of histrionics, is at it again.

He claims Grover Norquist – an anti-tax crusader who is up for re-election to the NRA’s board of directors – is really a Muslim Brotherhood supporter and one of the most dangerous men in America.

What on earth convinced the drama queen Beck that this is the case?

A man by the name of Frank Gaffney, who says Norquist is spreading Muslim Brotherhood influence throughout America.  The same Gaffney tried in 2011 to ban Norquist from the CPAC event with similar accusations, only to be banned himself when his ravings were determined to be unfounded.

Anyway, Beck has apparently bought Gaffney’s accusations, hook, line and sinker and is threatening to drop his NRA membership if Norquist is re-elected.

Hey Glenn, here’s the address to send that letter of resignation:

National Rifle Association of America
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030


19 thoughts on “BUH BYE: Beck’s latest histrionics target Grover Norquist & the NRA”
  1. If you’re digging around looking for closet Muslim Brotherhood supporters, the Board of the NRA seems like an unlikely spot to find any.

    May I suggest looking elsewhere? The Board of Governors of any Ivy League university, for example, or Everytown for Gun Safety? Your percent chance of finding Brotherhood support would be much larger at those organizations.

    1. Yeah, Frank Gaffney was the guy banned from CPAC for similar accusations several years ago, found to be unfounded and false.

      Not sure why Frank Gaffney has such an interest in Grover. Perhaps Grover stole one of Frank’s girlfriends in his younger days?


    2. Unfounded? Maybe, maybe not. Shouldn’t all NRA BoD be vetted thoroughly regardless? Just because the GWB admin. didn’t go into it much doesn’t make it less true…political alliances and all that. Plus the BoD has issues with other BoD members too, i.e. Joaquin Jackson and his comments regarding “assault weapons” (first semi-auto, then full-auto) and us lowly citizens. He or someone in the NRA ran damage control over that too saying that we “misunderstood” him.

      All I’m saying is that in today’s world, to quote a good man, “trust, but verify”. You went straight to the horse’s mouth regarding Dick Metcalf, so why not do the same in this instance?

  2. Pot, meet kettle! Beck is the master of histrionics? Then what is the NRA?! It seems like every other day I am getting a letter from Chris Cox about some “battle” we need to stand and fight. And of course send them money. Or they are warning of some other war on gun owners that is being waged. I have been an NRA member for years and have sent them plenty of money. However I did listen to Becks segment on this and started to look into the accusations. If it is founded that Norquist is linked to the brotherhood, yet the NRA does nothing, then I plan to drop them. And quite frankly, I’m sick of all the rhetoric I get from Chris or Wayne about the “battles” we need to fight with our check books. For me, I think the only battle that really needs to be fought, is with our rifles and ammunition! Will the NRA send that “call to arms” letter?!!! Doubt it strongly! Unlike what appears to be GSL’s approach, I don’t simply follow blindly. Even as a Marine I challenged positions I did not agree with and still do so today. Like Dustin stated, research and see what the NRA’s investigation turns up, if they actual investigate. By the way, it’s time for the NRA to stop their own histrionics and ruck up!

    1. I too detest those letters.

      Which is why I asked them to put me on their “DO NOT SOLICIT” list.

      ” If you do not wish to receive mailings, you can: (1) opt out of email lists immediately by following the instructions at the bottom of each email; (2) email us using our Contact Us page, (3) call us at 1-800-672-3888; or (4) write to us at National Rifle Association of America, 11250 Waples Mill Road; Fairfax, VA 22030.”

    2. That’s great, Richard. But, without the NRA, many or most of us would not have the rifles or ammunition to fight the battle.

    3. KK, I can’t argue that. Good point. I guess I’m just so darn frustrated by what I see the anti’s doing and their communist leader in the White House, that I want a much stronger approach in dealing with them before they do something the NRA can’t stop.

      John, thanks for the info, I missed that. I will do it right away.

  3. Author:

    You’re as bad as the liberal panty-waists now.

    Who cares? Why give this any publicity? Why do you seem so anti-Glenn Beck? What if he’s RIGHT? What if Gaffney’s right?

    You do know that musloons have infected all levels of gubermint and NGO’s now just as Communists had back in Sen. Joe McCarthy’s (by the way< HISTORY has now shown McCarthy to have been 100% right and it was the ESTABLISHMENT that portrayed him as lunatic) day? Do you not?

    Didja see the pic making the rounds of the innerwebs this week of our presidon't walking the line giving the musloon index-finger-to-AllaH SALUTE?? And you think musloons don't have a first-in-line position in all of this administration?

    I respect Glenn Beck for his patriotism if nothing else. I'm willing to wait and see this time.

    Why don't YOU?

    Oh, that's right, too busy with your nose up some cop's arse, defending another shooting of an unarmed black kid!

    You are despicable.

    1. I’m sick of people like you, and the news media in general, always having to put in the phrase “unarmed” when referring to the blacks who have been shot. That is always inserted to make the reader think that the person poses no threat to the police officer just because he had no gun or similar weapon. As we found out in the case of the Gentle Giant (Michael Brown), he did not have to have a weapon on him to be a threat. All it takes is one or two punches landed properly and grabbing the cops gun, and he is now a major threat.
      In most of these cases, the resulting investigation has shown the actions of the police officer to be totally justified. And when they aren’t, the cop gets charged.
      Ken, why don’t you go through one of the shoot-no-shoot training scenarios that a couple of other anti-cop loudmouths have gone through, and have come out with a totally different attitude?
      Better yet, why don’t you yourself become a cop and patrol the kinds of neighborhoods that these officers have to, and do it with a pledge that you will never shoot any of them, even if your life is threatened?

    2. Amen KK! And the use of “teenager” is ridiculous. Michael Brown was 18 years old, by definition an adult. The media slants these articles to make the average reader think it’s a 13 or 14 year old.

      Also to Ken,
      Why do you feel it necessary to liter your posts with what you must think are funny misspellings or is that your way of being offensive? Either way just makes you appear very uneducated.

    3. Stick it where the sun don’t shine, Kennyboy, any thug punk that attacks anyone else deserves whatever consequences he gets, no matter what ethnicity. The ferel black thug wanna-be punks attacking police officers to make a “name” (street cred?) for themselves with their gang-bang peers got the consequenses they deserved. Just imagine the “street cred” Mike Brown would have if he had gotten Officer Wilson’s firearm and killed the officer in the process. Big Man in da hood. Now he is just another dead ferel punk that the taxpayers don’t have to support in prison or otherwise.

  4. Now that I have read what is at the link, I don’t really see what the big deal is. If the NRA is investigating, then we will hopefully find out one way or another. If Beck is right, then he is vindicated. If he is wrong, then it is his reputation that will have been negatively affected.

  5. Beck is making accusations without any real proof. He is doing this very publicly in a situation where some discretion might not be a bad idea.

    The NRA will investigate. Until the investigation is completed – trashing each other is not going to help.

    If these accusations are proven false, Beck’s credibility with gun owners (and a huge portion of the conservative movement) will be crushed.

    1. Beck is a publicity hound, what is the old saying? any publicity is a good thing? Take anything Beck says/does with a large grain of salt, he just wants (to hear) his name resounding through the airwaves, good, bad, or indifferent. Bill O{‘Really is the same caliber as Beck.

  6. United we stand, divided we fall.
    Does it really take something this petty to divide us?

  7. Glenn Beck has been right so many times that I tend to listen when he levels charges like this. He and his staff investigate better than most news outlets and any half-ass blog site. Is he 100% spot-on? No. He pushed gold and we see where that has gone. Reguardless, the allegation that Norquist helped funnel money from terror organizations to establish institutions here that have influenced top level decisions of the GOP (Bush), whether intentionally or not, have been out there for a very long time. Another problem I have with Norquist is that he is in love with “immigration reform” as the pro-immigration movement pushes. He is quoted in 2013 as saying, “The future of the Republican Party, all the different folks looking to lead the Republican Party at the national level in the future, recognize we should do immigration reform,” If you like all the RINO crap coming from the Republicans, you should love Norquist. Everything that I think is wrong with the Republican party I find Norquist pushing in articles and quotes. He is a very stealthy player as well. Folks think that because somebody has a “R” as their political party and is on the NRA board that they can’t be working for intrests opposite conservatism and the Constitution are naieve. We must root out types like Boehner, Graham, Flake, and McCain that don’t stand up for the Constitution and aid in harming the country. That goes for Norquist as well. We all need to research the facts for ourselves and block anyone from representing us and/or selling our cause down the river. We can’t lose the NRA, because it is a hugely strong political arm that helps all kinds of Conservative causes as well as 2nd amendment issues. We as members have a responsibility to protect it and take the body of Norquist’s work as a whole and judge whether we want him as a voting member of the NRA.

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