by John Boch

The horrendous, coordinated terror attacks in France last week brought personal security to the forefront of a lot of people’s minds.

The Muslim radicals that carried out France’s version of 9/11 reportedly acknowledged their status as sleeper cells, having at least some training prior to carrying out their attacks upon innocent civilians.

Rabidly anti-gun Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein, a woman we hold in particular high disdain, acknowledged Sunday that she believes there are Islamic sleeper cells in America.  With her access to classified intelligence briefs, we’re reading between the lines here to mean that America has known cells in our nation and probably plenty more have skulked across the southern border undetected since the September 11th attacks.

What’s that mean for you?

1.  It means (more) terror attacks in America are coming.  Yeah, our intelligence and law enforcement people are pretty good and catching these scumbags and interrupting their plans to die in a vain attempt to meet virgins and little boys ripe for perverted sexual enjoyment in the afterlife.  The only problem is, once the good guys miss one or two of these schemes and America suffers a couple of French-style terror attacks, the bad guys will likely grow bolder.  What’s worse, home-grown hardcore Muslims may develop “Sudden Jihadi Syndrome” on their own, leading to still more terror attacks.

2.  The attackers are there to rack up a body count in the most horrific way possible.  They will slit the throats of victims and throw them out of windows for the cameras.  They will rape teen and pre-teen girls, in view of media cameras where possible, and then slit their throats – or worse.  They will use children as human shields and they will maim, mutilate and defile anything and everything they can.  They aren’t going to negotiate, unless it’s to buy time to continue to victimize their captives.  They aren’t like American spree killers who off themselves when faced with the first sign of armed resistance.  These savages are there to take as many innocents with them, as horrifically as possible, before they are killed.

3.  YOU are the first responder.  What’s worse, especially in Illinois and in other anti-gun states, you’re probably going to be running solo.  These guys aren’t stupid.  They will pick targets of religious or social significance, be they religious institutions, Jewish-owned businesses, or public facilities such as schools, day cares or even hospitals.  They will be drawn to locations where gun possession for law-abiding civilians is generally prohibited.  If I were Jewish, I’d carry my gun anytime I was within a mile of my temple and I’d carry two if I went inside, irrespective of any “no guns” signage. Even as a gentile, I carry my gun everyday.  You should too.  Especially in Illinois and any other state where there is a paucity of concealed carry licensees.

4.  Islamic jihadists are likely to be well-armed, plentiful, and they may be trained as well.  More bad news, Kemosabe.  Islamic jihadists aren’t like your local street thug who has a gun that might not shoot or won’t shoot more than a shot or two before malfunctioning.  Islamic killers are going to be bringing long guns to the party and probably whack-job friends with long guns as well.  They may also have the benefit of explosives and formal terror training as well.  You’re going to be carrying your everyday carry gun.

You ARE carrying your gun today, right?  The one you practice with from time to time.  You’re not?  Well, sorry.  Sucks to be you.

Even if you’re carrying your sidearm, you’re behind the eight-ball because the bad guys are probably going to have long guns.  Why would they bring handguns if they’re looking at running up the body counts?   They may be wearing body armor they’ve purchased in anticipation of this day.  They may well have had training overseas or even domestically from Muslim-run facilities.

They aren’t going to be like your average hoodlum from Chicago’s south side who will go big potty in his shorts and run out of his shoes like his hair is on fire at the sight of a victim pulling a pistola.  These guys are going to be true believers, dedicated to meeting their virgin girls and young boys in the afterlife.


What should you do as a reasonable and prudent person?

You can practice denial, but that wouldn’t be reasonable or prudent.  Denial, of course, has no survival value.

Instead, think and act proactively.

1.  Be aware of your surroundings.  Pay attention to those around you and what they are doing.  Know where your exits are and where cover and/or concealment is when you’re in public.  Situational awareness is the single best thing you can do to keep yourself safe, be it from domestic hoodlums or foreign Muslims looking to kill in the name of their “Allah”.

Some people will tell you that you can’t profile potential attackers.  Horse dung.  That 70-year-old, blue-haired woman with the walker isn’t going to go all Sudden Jihadi on you, and neither is that teenager glued to his smart phone or the Amish family in the passenger van at the local Walmart.

2.  Carry your damn gun.  If you want to carry a .380 pocket pistol, fine.  Carry it as a backup to a more substantial gun.  Pistol rounds suck at stopping bad guys.  They suck worse if the bad guy is wearing armor and you have to score head shots to take them out – or shots to the groin to slow them down.  Which brings us to…

3.  Carry extra ammunition and a flashlight.  This should go without saying.

4.  Consider carrying a “trunk gun”.  If you’re invited to a gun fight and you can’t decline the invitation, bring a long gun.  Bring friends with long guns.  Unfortunately, you may be short of friends with long guns, so make the best of what you’ve got.  It’s far better to shoot some armed Muslim barbarian intent on terrorizing the innocent with a high-power rifle than your cell phone camera.



20 thoughts on “THE NEW NORM: Coordinated terror attacks in France have prudent Americans reconsidering defensive options”
  1. Not only should you arm yourself for protection of you, family and your friends. arm yourself with knowledge of the Muslim mindset. Look up the three stages of Jihad (, Taqiyya (, Aborgation and the Quran and the process the Muslims use for settlement in a non-believing country (Civilization-Jihadist Process) They have been perfecting this War of Deceit for approximately 1400 years. Overlaying our Western Culture over a Muslim is at your own peril.

  2. One thing concerns me about carrying a long gun.
    What will the responding police do?
    They are called to a scene of “shots fired, males armed with rifles.” They roll up and they see– a male armed with a rifle!
    Are you identifiable as a good guy? When they tell you to drop your rifle, will you drop it, or will you turn toward the sound of the voice?
    Things to ponder.

    1. Perhaps a little more critical if you have a long gun, but the same thing applies with your carry piece after and during a shooting.

      We want to survive not only the bad-guy encounter, but the second responder encounters as well. Every person trained for legal, discreet carry should have already considered how to act when the po-po arrive.

      And PRACTICED their good-guy, non-threatening behavior ahead of time. Mentally put yourself in the place of the adrenalin pumped responding officers and think about how you would expect a good guy to act.

      PRACTICE that behavior every time you spend a half hour with dry-fire practice.

      You do that don’t you?

    2. What to do?

      From what I gleaned at my GSL training class (and common sense):

      Don’t be sloppy with your muzzle control.

      Secure your gun before the cops arrive.

      Hands up in the surrender position is an indicator (a “clue” as Frank would say) you’re not a bad guy.

      Don’t show hostilities towards innocents or responding cops.

      I had some great initial training last fall from the GSL guys. Great trainers, I learned a lot and feel pretty decent about my ability to shoot bad guys, including bearded barbarians.

      Some of my friends went cheaper or with some of the “new” instructors and when I go to the range with them, I ask them if they learned a damn thing at their CCW class. They can’t holster or unholster worth a crap and they always have their damn finger on the trigger. They’re going to be relying on old-fashioned luck if they come up against a bad guy!

      I used to be like that. Thank goodness I learned better.

      Oh yeah, I carry a rifle in my trunk now. An Enfield bolt gun, IIRC. It’s a clunker but I can put the hurt on someone 100 yards away with it.


    3. Actually, I have practiced what you said, and I taught it at a multi-agency academy, but “secure your weapon before the cops arrive” presupposes that 1) you know when the cops are going to arrive, and 2) there is no longer a threat when the cops arrive.
      I kinda like the idea of using an Enfield; a guy with an Enfield doesn’t look like a terrorist, and you can drop it in a hurry without worrying about dinging up an expensive rifle. Extra dings in the wood just give it more character.
      I would DEFINITELY NOT play first-responder with an AK.

    4. “I would DEFINITELY NOT play first-responder with an AK.”

      That’s some good advice right there.



      😛 Yeah you’re probably right.

  3. Yes, I need to think about what the second responders might do to me.

    Here are some other thoughts: If I respond two or three minutes before the second responders, and I don’t prevail, I may very well be dead and not have to worry about how the second responders act towards me. If I don’t respond, out of fear of what might happen to me from the second responders, what good am I? I may as well be another sheep waiting to be slaughtered. And if I don’t respond, and I survive the incident, I will have to live with the knowledge that whoever died before the second responders showed up might have been saved – had I acted.

    Lots to think about. Thinking through scenarios is just as important as dry fire or live fire practice. Your primary weapon is your brain; guns are tools to accomplish a task.

    1. My point. I’m not saying don’t respond; I’m saying HAVE A PLAN. It gives you something to deviate from. (Not a joke; if you have a 5-step plan in your head, it’s a lot easier to say “I’ll skip step #4” than it is to think up a whole plan of action from zip in the middle of chaos.)

  4. I hope one of these sleeper cells tries something where I am at. Even if I don’t get them all, it’ll be worth it to show them not to pull that crap in America.

    Then the cowards will start using bombs, but one thing at a time.


    1. Always be vigilant, however, extra caution is needed where terrorists consider soft target areas which are gun-free zones, large gathering of people. Always have a plan on what you would do if an attack occurs.

    2. Agreed. Like Sam, I’m a GSL alum. Moved here from Indiana. Thought the training requirement was bullshit (and still do) but I must admit I learned much.

      Oh yeah, Part of my plan is that I’m never without my gun, signs be damned. Concealed means just that.

      I couldn’t live with myself if I left my gun out in the car or at home and my loved ones got hurt. The worst thing that can happen is a slap on the wrist if I’m discovered. I’ve been carrying a gun discretely for decades so it’s nothing new to me and nobody is ever gonna know it’s on me.

    3. I’m ready to take that ride on a pile of hot brass to meet my maker, but I’m sure not doing it alone.
      Allahu Ahkbar? Lets find out shall we? 😉

      No one wants to die, but I cannot think of a more worthy reason to do so, if it has to be that way.

  5. All excellent comments here, folks. This is why we have constructive forums like this so we not only get people to think, but share their thoughts and comments!

    John Boch has taken his time to write a very well organized, excellent article on this topic and we ALL need to heed this advice.

    There are some great things about this country that people in other “free” countries (such as France) don’t have – Freedom to carry and use firearms for personal defense! How about that!

    Our forefathers secured our constitutional rights, via the 2nd Amendment, to keep and bear arms. But more importantly, the U.S. Supreme Courts recent ruling on the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, defines the very core principals of that right.

    The interpretation of the 2nd Amendment concluded that right not only gives citizens the right to own & possess firearms commonly used in today’s age, but also confirmed that citizens have the right to use those firearms to defend themselves and their families in and out of their homes!

    This unique right empowers law abiding citizens with the ability to be able to do the right thing at the right time – instead of being sheep, waiting to be slaughtered, like we just witnessed in France.

    I can’t agree more with John that everyone needs to be in a hyper-vigilant state of awareness. This is not just about protecting your home and your loved ones anymore, this is about doing everything you can to protect this country and other citizens from terrorist acts.

    I believe that if we all work together, maintain our personal defense skills with our firearms and carry wherever we legally can, we can make the difference when this evil creature shows itself on our soil.

    Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and stay safe.


    John Krupa III
    CEO / Director of Training
    Master Firearms Instructor (ILETSB)
    Spartan Tactical Training Group, LLC

  6. Unfortunately my out of state license isn’t recognized in IL and I can’t apply for an out of state with IL because my home state isn’t accepted. I am in IL a lot for work, mainly Chicago so what is your recommendation to that? I know I can say screw it and carry anyway, but then I would be a criminal. Guess if I travel to “Sleeper cell central” Illinois I’ll have to hope the crazy Muslims behave that day!

  7. Great comments. I’ve been carrying a long gun n the trunk lately. It gives me a really good feeling in case I need one Am very familiar. With it and have 2 – 30 round mags. There it’s. Zeroed in for 100 yards and am adding a finger switch lite on it I love m1 carbines !!!

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