There is a “Go Fund Me” page set up for the widow / co-owner of the “She’s a Pistol” gun store in Shawnee, Kansas.

The description of the page:

Becky Bieker is a selfless Lady who shares her passion for self protection with her community.

Becky very recently lost her beloved husband Jon to an attempted robbery at their gun shop She’s A Pistol LLC in Shawnee KS.  Jon shot three of the robbers.

Becky and Jon worked tirelessly to educate their community to protect themselves.

Let’s give back to this precious Lady  with unknown expenses as she learns to navigate Life without her best friend, business partner, and husband.

Further news stories have reported that Becky was the one who engaged the bad guys with her pistol, not her husband Jon, the co-owner.

The owner who returned fire was not shot. The owner who was shot was originally listed in critical condition, but died from their wounds at an area hospital. It is believed the deceased owner is the husband of the woman who returned fire.

And the suspects?

It was notable how nearly all of the initial stories gave precious few details about the attackers.

Here are their names:

(Reuters) – Four men who got into a gunfight that killed the owner of a Kansas gun shop will face first-degree murder charges, the Kansas City Star reported on Sunday, citing county records.

The newspaper identified the four suspects as Nicquan K. Midgyett, 19; Hakeem W. Malik, 18; Londro E. Patterson, 19; and De’Anthony A. Wiley, 19.


9 thoughts on “GOOD CAUSE: Go Fund Me for Kansas City gun store widow”
  1. Bring back public hangings for these type of murderers with swift court dates. With all the appeals and long “death row” time, all concerned forget the reason behind the punishment. Public hangings were excellant deterrants for other criminal acts. If there are not enough tall strong trees, bring back the old time gallows on the public square.

  2. Amen to public executions for this kind of crime. ‘Death by hanging until dead’ is the most these #@$% lawless twits deserve. No injections, no electricity, no gas, no bullets leading to any kind of swift, private death. A slow, ghastly, hanging death, performed in public for ALL to see.

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