Actress and producer Katherine Heigl.
She likes to shoot and she doesn’t hide her gun ownership.


In many circles, some Americans seem reluctant to admit their status as gun owners.  Big city residents, entertainers, and others are sometimes reticent to let others know they know and understand the proven benefits of firearms ownership.  It’s almost as if they are Christians afraid to discuss their faith, or gays afraid to tell their acquaintances of their sexuality.  All of these groups are sometimes intimidated by the reaction of bigots who don’t understand or who don’t tolerate diversity well.

Actress Katherine Heigl isn’t among those folks.  She sent out a tweet in recent days guaranteed to cause gun-haters to cry and stamp their feet like petulant children.

With decisions come consequences.

The who ignore the proven benefits of firearm ownership are doomed to live with the consequences of their decisions for the rest of their lives.  However long that might be.

5 thoughts on “CELEBRATE IT: Actress Katherine Heigl doesn’t hide her gun ownership”
  1. Am i missing something? An actress is going to the range to practice for a role.
    she makes no mention of ownership or support for the 2nd ammendmentn and everybody falls at her feet. Hell hillary loved to duck hunt, remember?

  2. IIRC, Tom Cruise spent *weeks* on the range, including pretty dynamic defensive shooting drills and training, for his role in Collateral. [ skip to about 0:56 for the money shot] Never seen him come out as pro-2A, although I haven’t seen him on any rabid gun-ban lists either.

    This actress’ comments might be encouraging – but I won’t add her to the “cool list” until we see some clarifications that she’s fully out of the closet when it comes to citizen gun ownership and the second amendment.

  3. Her hubby is a country crooner. That she knows how to shoot and does so openly isn’t that big of a surprise. And she is cool to me!

  4. Old Number 3: I’m an old man who doesn’t watch that trash on TV either, but I’m not too old to appreciate a pretty woman.

    I must disagree with you about her buying me bullets to watch her show… If she bought be a couple of bricks of .22s I’d probably watch at least an episode.

    I can’t find them anywhere!


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