Firearms training on YouTube is always an iffy proposition.  Many, if not most of the YouTube-based firearm training videos, aren’t worth your time.  Well, unless you’re there for chuckles and laughs.

They prove, as I’ve articulated many times in classes and in writing, that even a mediocre class is better than the best training video.  Having someone who (hopefully) knows what they are doing watching you for poor technique, or wasted movement is critical to learning how to do it right.  An instructor’s gentle (or not so gentle) corrections and tweaking will allow you to maximize efficient performance.  It’s very difficult to get very good from watching videos and practicing at home, although I’ve seen it done on a couple of occasions.  (Mr. Rad Baron:  I’m thinking of you, my friend.  Ditto for fireman Jim.)

If a guy was truly good at making instructional videos, their training productions would probably be commercially produced and distributed.  See the Magpul series for the gold-standard.

For the lead standard, the candidates are many and we bring you another, where Dallas Lloyd of Premier Tactical Group demonstrates some silly play-Ninja stuff that might seem to look good on camera, but it’s liable to send you to the chiropractor if you’re over 30-years-old if practiced on a range and if used in real life, it’s probably going to be hazardous to your long-term health.

Someone should remind Mr. Lloyd that the best way to win a gun fight, especially if you’re in your car, is to put it in drive (or reverse) and apply the accelerator instead of jumping out of your car/truck, then jumping back in the back door, scrambling across a seat, opening the far side door and hanging out like a monkey, taking a couple of shots, then rolling out of the car Hollywood-style.



8 thoughts on “NINJA SILLY: Solutions in search of problems in silly “training” video”
  1. Because every tacti-cool mall ninja knows that simple car doors are true COVER … not just concealment. Right? So hanging upside down like a monkey is totally worth it given the superior ballistic protection afforded by an open door.

    (On no planet, whatsoever)

  2. I just hope any bad guy trying to hurt me or my loved ones has watched this how-to video …. And rap music videos for all their gun training. BTW, Mr. Monkey forgot to hold his pants up.

  3. Didn’t Hoppy do something like this, going from the back of his horse onto the stagecoach and then through the doors?

  4. Given that scenario, would it not have made more sense after exiting vehicle to move behind the tailgate and have the ENTIRE truck between you and the bad? Be a more accurate shot from there too. They been watching too many movies.

  5. That is sure to be a J.C. Whitney aftermarket ballistic vinyl door liner, that is offering the actual cover. He will be ok!

  6. Was there someone in the background whacking a metal plate for the sounds of the “hits”? If so, they missed their cue to whack it a couple of times.

  7. Anybody else notice the truck still had its monroney label still attached? Toyota promo any one?

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