The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives and really big fires can’t seem to get it’s brace screwed on straight.

Earlier in 2014, it issued at least two compliance letters (903050, 99146) indicating that use of the Sig Support Brace in any configuration is completely and perfectly legal because “using the brace improperly does not constitute a design change.  Using such an accessory improperly would not change the classification of the weapon per Federal law.”

Now, on November 10th, there’s a new letter from ATF saying that use of the accessory in a manner previously ruled lawful is suddenly unlawful.




What’s next?

Who knows.

Frankly, it’s time to eliminate the entire “short-barreled rifle” section of the National Firearms Act.

7 thoughts on “DAZED AND CONFUSED: “New” ATF letter on Sig Support Brace contradicts earlier letters”
  1. his is a giant Charlie Foxtrot. How do they intend to enforce this? If I misuse a mares leg lever action pistol by shouldering it or use some other accessory in a way inconsistent with the package directions is this going to land me in the federal pen? What is next are we going to have the feds looking over our shoulders to make sure we use everything as stated in the instructions (so much for American ingenuity)? How about those people that do not see this letter but saw the one to Sgt. Bradley? It is amazing that they can change a ruling (which they got right in the first place) and turn what were perfectly legal non-NFA pistols with an authorized accessory into an NFA controlled weapon of the exact same configuration based on how someone holds it. This latest letter is signed by the same guy who signed the Sgt. Bradley letter and yet he managed to arrive at 2 different conclusions (must be a career bureaucrat to do that).

    1. We know which version: the one that screws gun owners!

      I didn’t jump on the Sig brace bandwagon for this very reason. When the sentence starts, “The ATF did something that makes sense and makes gun owners happy …” it’s pretty much a sure thing that you just need to give it some time. They’ll be along shortly to correct their mistake …

  2. A $200 making tax?
    Wouldn’t that mean that all AR-15s made from an 80% lower would require this?
    As is normal government, the whole letter just confuses things more.

  3. The entire agency needs to be closed down, the only 2 things they do is 1) screw up simple things like this or 2) spend time and money trying to railroad innocent people.

  4. The ATF is in total violation of the 2nd amendment. As usual. Time for this institution to be abolished. What are they afraid of?

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