You think you’ll be safe in Chicago if you just hang out in the touristy, supposedly “safe”, areas of the city?

Think again, Buttercup.

The random violence and criminal activity infects every nook and cranny in Chicago, but especially areas like the “NO GUNS” allowed Navy Pier, where gaggles of black teens began fighting amongst themselves and attacking hapless innocent tourists as part of their Christmas celebrations early Friday evening.

Police closed down Navy Pier on a busy night – one of Chicago’s top tourist destinations – because of the outbreak of violence.  One worker described the scene as something out of “Braveheart”.

While many were injured, most refused treatment, except for one pregnant woman taking an ambulance to a children’s hospital.

Yeah, you and your pregnant wife go to Navy Pier and you get caught up in random Chicago-style violence.  How sweet would that be?


(NBC Chicago) – A pregnant female was hospitalized and five people were arrested after a fight Friday night at Navy Pier, officials said.

At about 7:45 p.m, officers responded to the disturbance involving about 30 people at the popular tourist destination, police said. Five people were later arrested for reckless conduct, police said.

…Kushal Sharma, a Navy Pier worker who sells souvenirs, said he saw about 100 teenagers involved in about eight separate fights.

“It was like Braveheart,” said Sharma, referencing a movie about a medieval war.

6 thoughts on ““IT WAS LIKE BRAVEHEART!”: Black teen disturbance Friday evening closes Chicago’s “NO GUNS” Navy Pier”
    1. Agreed .. Braveheart was about scottish clansmen fighting for freedom againts a tyrant while this was about a group of useless thugs assaulting innocent bystanders who were deemed helpless because sone idiot liberal decided that a “no guns allowed” sign would stop thugs from being .. thugs …

  1. I just spend my money elsewhere and keep my family away from the zoo that Shitcago has become thanks to liberal filth, Comrade Rahm and his drunken bum flunky McCarthy.

  2. Todays news reports another “incident” forcing the closing of Chicago Ridge Mall. Unconfirmef reports of shots fired, bit that can’t be true because the mall is a GFZ. *sarcasm*

  3. If I did not have to fly frequently for work – I would never go to that cesspool. Listen up Rahm – us “down-staters” are tired of you Chicagocrats. I know many people that will no longer spend any money in Cook County.

  4. Last week I saw airplanes with no empty seats leave the overly regulated “mother may I” Midwest and go to open or concealed carry no license necessary Arizona. Hundreds of families walked the streets and enjoyed themselves in peace.

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