On Christmas Eve eve, 14-year-old Keontre Reese decided to go do some Christmas shopping in a residential neighborhood in Oklahoma City.

Young Keontre wasn’t taking a break from his entrance exam to Harvard, nor was he retrieving some medicine from the store for his sick mother.

No, he was a gang-banging piece of fecal matter who ignored a sign on a residence that said, “Nothing on this property is worth your life.”

That, as they say in the FBI Academy, is a CLUE.

Maybe Keontre couldn’t read.  Or maybe he was too busy updating his social media page on his phone when he broke in.

Some social media action from the decease young thug.  He was pretty “G” with that $92 as we count it.  And those fine firearms…  the best a man can get!

Anyway, Keontre broke in but he didn’t break back out.  He tripped the alarm and the resident, a local pastor who in previous media interviews, preached his support for the Second Amendment after finding himself victimized in a home invasion while doing missionary work in Africa.  See, the good pastor gave the home intruders what they wanted, yet they still split his head open for his troubles.

Here in America, he was a staunch believer in Sam Colt making him equal with predatory criminals.

Keontre heard the pastor coming in and hid in a closet, intent on ambushing the homeowner – and in all likelihood, killing the homeowner to facilitate a clean getaway.

Instead, he got perforated.

Good riddance, Keontre.

Where were his mom and dad?

Who know.

His mom will probably be along any day now to tout that her boy didn’t do anything wrong.  Or something like that.

Young Keontre flashing gang signs as part o the “Thug Life”. He died after a rather profound error in his victim selection process.





OKLAHOMA CITY (Oklahoma Sentinel) – Police say a metro pastor opened fire on an alleged intruder, killing him.
Reverend Tom Vineyard is known as the pastor of Windsor Hills Baptist Church.
However, authorities say Vineyard was protecting his personal  property and his family when he opened fire on an alleged intruder.
Police rushed to the home, near N.W. 23rd St. and MacArthur Blvd.,  Saturday afternoon after Vineyard’s son told dispatchers that his father had shot an intruder.
Officers say the home’s security system alerted the family to the break-in and Vineyard armed himself with a gun.
“The suspect was supposedly shot inside the home. I don’t know whether he passed away inside or outside of the home,” said Staff Sgt. Billy Payne, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.
On December 23, police identified the alleged intruder as 14-year-old Keontre Reese.
Several signs are posted around the pastor’s home. One on the front door reads, “Nothing on this property is worth your life.”
Police say Reese did not heed the warning, and they have no idea why he chose this home.

39 thoughts on “PROFOUND FAILURE: 14-year-old Keontre picks poorly, gets perforated by pastor”
  1. I’m sure the good folks of Oklahoma will do just fine without this punk in their midst… Like you said, it’s not like he was going to get into Harvard to find the cure for cancer or diabetes.

    Instead, we’ll flush his memory down the toilet like a good morning constitution – where it belongs.


    1. Now, thanks to the good pastor, Keontre Reese and Jesus can discuss it, and the intended victims won’t have to worry about him any more!

    2. That pastor is a coward ass bitch. He will answer to god for this. Anyone that can talk about a dead child n don’t know what this kid was going through is a bitch. This never tells you that Tre went to Windsor Hills Baptist Church!!! The sorry ass police department of okc needs to investagate this case better. You all have an opinion but IT DOESNT EVEN MATTER. Pastor can and WILL GO STRAIGHT TO HELL.

    3. Concerned Mom,

      The pastor was ” a coward ass bitch?” Why, for daring to defend himself from your criminal son? What would a “brave” man have done? Taken two in the chest? No one cares that your son went to church. Just attending doesn’t make you a Christian or a good person. No one who defends themselves and their families from the threat of death goes to hell. Mothers who fail their own children and the rest of society by not providing guidance and teaching their children to respect others….well, that’s another story. You have no one to blame for your sons death but yourself. Where were YOU when your son was posing with guns and flashing gang signs? What kind of responsible parent doesn’t know where their children are, on Christmas Eve no less?

    4. But, did Keontre love Jesus? He didn’t abide by the teachings in the Bible or the 10 Commandments and if he didn’t love Jesus and abide Jesus’ teachings, Keontre will not be spending eternity with the Lord and Savior. Too bad another life lost to the devil and hadies, but Keontre made his own choices in life which led to the way he died.


  2. This kid was studying hard!

    His field of study was theft, gangs, violence and the like.

    And he learned first hand that those who live by the sword, die by the sword.

    Seems his studying didn’t make him all that smart.

  3. Looks like Keontre will be getting a casket from Santa !!!!. The perfect gift for thugs everywhere.

  4. Yes Tony, Jesus loves Keontre. That doesn’t mean he got more than he deserved or that the world is a leaser place without him. I am glad he is gone, and the taxpayer isn’t going to pay for his lawyer or room & board for most of his life. He was going to hurt a lot of people and it is good he was eliminated before he did.
    He needed to learn basic gun safety too. He has his finger on the trigger in the photo. But I guess he never did anything right.
    Good riddance.

  5. This is terrible. I’ve gone to school with this kid for 4 years. I never liked him, but he does not deserve these things being said to him, he had friends and family who did care about him. I fucking sat next to him for weeks thinking the world would be better without him. I’m not saying he didn’t deserve what he got, but you people are terrible, he was more than thug and even if he wasn’t that doesn’t mean you should feel the need to call him these awful things. You people need to grow up and realize you’re badmouthing a fucking teenager who’s dead. The only reason I say these things is because even though I hated him, I didn’t want him to die like this, nor have his name thrown in the mud. To you people, he’s a thug. To others, he was a funny,interesting person to be with. Farewell Keontre

    1. You need to read your comment out loud. First you shame us for the way we talk about him. Then you admit, repeatedly, that you wished he was dead, but then try and backpedal by asking his name not be dragged through the mud. Alice, it was he that put a bad name on himself. He wanted to live like a thug, so he got to die like a thug. Sad that a teen lost his life, but in my opinion it was not lost. He chose to throw it away. Condolences to his family, I hope they realize they failed to raise a child into a happy and productive life.
      P.S. ALL lives matter no matter the color or creed. But thugs and animals deserve the death they idolize.

    2. My daughter went to school with him as well. She he had his days when he would misbehave but he was also a funny kid that liked to make people laugh also. I don’t condone his actions and I do hate his life ended this way.

    3. Alice, you definitely come across like a confused and emotionally disturbed individual. Alice, for your own sake, seek out the help of a specialist who works in the field of psychotherapy. What you’re going through should not be taken lightly. Please Alice, seek some help and God bless.

  6. By these comments being left I can see why some of these children are doing some of the things they do. Instead of saying ok it’s time to make a change in our communities the help these children and show them the right way, you all are praising another young life being taken by a bad decision that was made. No I’m not condoning his actions by any means, but I’m pretty sure everyone that’s leaving these messages are standup Christians that live their lives loving and forgiving everyone that may do wrong to them right??? Hmmm yeah I’ll wait on that last answer…

    1. Jesus said, “When a man, who is well armed, guards his house, his possessions remain safe.” Reverend Tom Vineyard (a Christian) heeded Jesus advice.

    2. Crystal, how are the comments on this website driving “kids” (aka: thugs) to do the things they do? Most of the little punk thugs out doing what they do have no means or desire to see what is on this website, and could not care less what we have posted, they are out to get whatever they can by any means and to he!! with their victims, so why should anyone here care about the way they die? The way they lived and their charracter determined their actions in life as well as their parents’ upbringing and values instilled in them at a young age. Their elders have let them and honest society down by the way they have not raised the little (young) thugs to respect police and others’ possessions and lives. Good riddance.

    3. Because I’m pretty sure if these are your comments your actions probably aren’t any better..

  7. I do not claim to be a Christian, good nor bad, and I am saddened by wasted potential but he chose the life he wanted and died the death that eventually comes as a result. Parents have no one to blame but themselves if their children choose this path and die.

  8. Out of 38,929,319 blacks how many are left? I mean their committing Suicide by Cop, Break-ins, and just plain Thuggery!

  9. For you information its not thug life you dumb fucks its west side YG! and no she said he knew right from wrong but that didnt mean he had too kill him. Stupid fuck! And those soo called pictures are old asf he posed with guns like anyother teen but they wasnt his . The money was though.!

    1. Maybe the money was in his possession, but how did he get it? He was killed while trying to burglarize a pastor’s house and possessions, did he come by the money honestly or from another burglary where he wasn’t caught? …or, was it taxpayer’s money from his EBT card? He could have gotten the money many different ways, he wasn’t the type of person to actually work for a living, was he?

    2. ashley, don’t drop out of school, you need much more education, especially in english spelling and more-so grammar, which is the proper way of expressing yourself in your writing style. If you are displaying “ebonics” to show you are “down wit da struggle”, get a clue, you are not “impressing” anyone and you are headed nowhere.

    3. BTW, ashley, just what is “west side YG!”, (Young Gangsta?) I have not heard that expression and don’t know what your meaning might be, perhaps you would enlighten those of us that are not involved in “gangsta life”?

  10. This kid was a punk. He was not the nice, funny guy some want us to believe he was. He had no respect for the law or the rights of others. He believed the rules did not apply to him. He spent more time suspended than he spent in school and constantly disrupted the little time he was at school. This was not his first burglary. Alice, those pictures are not very old. He was a violent young man who had the choice to do the right thing and didn’t. It was predicted the tax payers would fund his existence through the Department of Corrections. It seems the predictors were wrong, but not by much.

  11. This is America
    Mothers should not have to worry that their children might be shot
    every time they go out to commit a crime.

  12. I feel it is sad to see grown ass “adults”(I use that term loosely) that have nothing better to do but sit and downgrade a KID. I believe in right from wrong, I also know judging isn’t of the Lord. Stealing is horrible but it doesn’t give any of you the right to leave these horrible remarks. Let’s hope you, your kids, nieces, nephews, cousins or parents don’t die a horrible death. Your judging him off pics not from actually knowing him or his family. Instead of thinking your solving the worlds problem by killing off youngsters, trying being a mentor and help these displaced kids. No parent should have to bury their kid. Let’s grow up, cause you or your family may be Oklahoma’s next tragic victim. To the good respectful post, thank you and his family thanks you. He was a sweet kid that just went down the wrong path. I know his family and he will be truly missed. God bless you all and your ignorance.

    1. My prayers go out to his family my daughter went to school with him and was sad when she heard of his death and will also pray for the ignorance of like you said “grown adults ” judging a child. Yes he made a bad decision I’m pretty sure everyone on here that’s throwing these stones have too and just was not caught. I hate that it ended this way and I’m still baffled that a pastor feels the need to have a gun… No one has said anything about that.

    2. Crystal, you are “baffled” that a pastor feels the need to own a gun? Are you serious? Did you not read the article? Thugs don’t discriminate between pastors, grocery store clerks or other thugs. They are out for one person, and that is themselves. ANYONE can be one of their victims! That is why he needed a gun. This pastor had already been a victim of a violent crime. Every law abiding citizen who wants to protect themselves and their families *needs* to own a gun to protect themselves from monsters like this idiot. I am BAFFLED that a 14 year old has two guns and is posting them on facebook along with cash and is throwing gang signs. Funny how you are not surprised by THAT though. Says everything about you, and your kind.

  13. Keontre was my bestfriend. Some kids such as him are born into this life or have no choice. Maybe is oklahoma wasbt filled with old men shooting unarmed little kids they wouldbt have to join a gang just to feel protected. He was just a baby no matter what he did god still loves him and has a special place in heaven for him. I miss you vaby and I love you and miss ypu more and more each day. Rest easy baby.

    1. Oh Mariah, I don’t even know where to start…”maybe if Oklahoma wasn’t filled with old men shooting unarmed little kids they wouldn’t have to join a gang to feel protected” HAHAHA! Yes, that’s the problem! There are just Packs of “old men” roaming the streets shooting up UNARMED “little kids.” And by old men, you mean old white men, right? LOL! Please, young black men between the ages of 15 and 35 make up less than 15% of the population! but are responsible for OVER 75% of all violent crime. Against all other races and their own. Hell, they cant gun each other down on the streets fast enough!!! And where in the article did it say Keontre was unarmed? We all know the little animal had guns. Yes, some people are born into it, but EVERYBODY has a choice. He wasn’t gunned down by a fellow gang member while trying to defend himself. This little POS was where he had absolutely NO RIGHT to be, committing a crime.

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