The Associated Press published an anti-gun hit piece on how Black Friday will test the FBI’s National Instant Check System for gun buyers.

Here’s how it starts:

Black Friday gun buys test background check system

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (AP) –– Black Friday isn’t just when shoppers rush to stores for holiday sales. It’s also one of the busiest days of the year for gun purchases.

In the U.S., there are nine guns for every 10 people. Someone is killed with a firearm every 16 minutes.

No bias there, right?

Much of the responsibility for preventing criminals and the mentally ill from buying guns is shouldered by about 500 men and women who run the system from inside the FBI’s criminal justice center, a gray office building with concrete walls and mirrored windows just outside Bridgeport, West Virginia.

Granted a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the NICS, The Associated Press was able to see first-hand why 512 gun sales a day effectively beat the system last year.

By federal law, NICS researchers must race against the clock: They have until the end of the third business day following an attempted firearm purchase to determine whether or not a buyer is eligible. After that, buyers can legally get their guns, whether or not the check was completed.

This clock ran out more than 186,000 times last year.

Oh noes!  It ran out 186,000 times and nothing bad happened.

We can assure you, if there was a link between someone receiving a gun where a check wasn’t completed after three day and bad things happening, the AP would would all over it like white on rice.

Check this out from later in the story:

On Black Fridays, the work can be grueling: One woman took a call that lasted four hours when a dealer phoned in the maximum 99 checks.

“Rules had to be stretched,” recalled Sam Demarco, her supervisor. “We can’t transfer calls. Someone had to sit in her seat for her while she went to the bathroom.”

That’s terrible.  Someone had to follow the rules so 99 people could enjoy their constitutional right to buy a gun!




4 thoughts on “IF THEY ONLY WORKED THIS HARD ON VOTER ELIGIBILITY: Black Friday to test NICS system”
  1. Sounds like a challenge. Purchase early, purchase often. Let’s give the FBI background check people a Black Friday they won’t soon forget.

  2. Something’s not right here. They have until the end of the third business day? Then how is it we can pick up our gun from the FFL person two days after we fill out the forms? And that’s just the mandatory waiting period, which has nothing to do with the background check.
    When I purchased one at Rural King, I was told it would be verified within an hour or so. What kind of crap is the AP giving us here?

  3. Because it wouldn’t make sense to prepare for these high volume days by bringing in people to answer the demand, let’s act like we didn’t know it was coming and complain how tough we have it.

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