Natalie DuBose used to have a cake store until hooligans broke in and pillaged it before setting it alight.  All in the name of justice for Michael Brown, of course…



The response Monday evening to rampant criminal violence in St. Louis was so non-existent that it was appalling.

Hundreds of businesses were damaged, many were looted and scores were burned.

Those “peaceful” so-called “demonstrators” who blocked Interstate 44?  They trashed the nearby neighborhoods when they eventually grew tired of standing on a cold stretch of interstate and/or the authorities moved them away.  They broke windows, stole everything that wasn’t nailed down, broke into homes – both burglaries and home invasions – and were generally pillaging and looting the neighborhood on their way to looting retail establishments.

Ferguson officials, including the mayor, pleaded for help and were given none by Democrat Governor Jay Nixon.  In fact, the St. Louis County Chief Executive Dooley and St. Louis Mayor Slay seemingly tied the hands of local police in using force to meaningfully deal with the violent, destructive mobs.

Here’s our message to Governor Jay Nixon, Chief Executive Dooley and Mayor Slay…

You listen and you listen good:  If you don’t get a handle on this – like right now – Armed Americans will take it upon themselves to get a handle on it.

I guarantee that business owners and local residents will not show the soft-and-gentle coddling of America’s criminal class that the soft-on-crime governor, county chief executive and mayor have exhibited for months now.


15 thoughts on “LISTEN UP, ST. LOUIS: If government won’t stop this, we Armed Americans will.”
  1. Anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together knew this would be the outcome. Three months to prepare. Citizens, business owners, but especially elected officials.

    Cake lady would have been well advised to have purchased a few fire extinguishers, plus an AR-15. Now, out of business. Probably blaming all those racissst white folk.

  2. Seeing that photo of that woman grieving the loss of her store to low-life looters makes me sad. She probably put her life savings into that store, spent countless long hours building the business, only to have some worthless, amoral black youths tear it all down in a matter of minutes.

    That’s truly sad.

    The difference between her and I: I will take my dying breath to make sure that doesn’t happen to the business I’ve worked hard to build. I’ll kill amoral youths of any stripe who would do the same to my ability to earn a livelihood.

    Yes, those of us with guns will take care of rabid animals if they threaten us.

    1. Thanks for the reminder KK. I forgot that Ms. Cake Lady had no personal skin in her business, so why should she shed any tears on its destruction? And you are probably right, since she did not build it, Mr. Hussein Obama will rush in and rebuild it 3X better. She’ll come out smelling like a rose since its destruction was in connection with the riots. If my business got torched by a non-riot related arsonist in another part of the country, I’d be out of luck. Mr. “Business Builder” Obama would not be interested in my plight.

    2. In our convoluted justice system, if you shoot the looters coming into your business, you will be the one who goes to prison, and for a long time. It makes me sick to think it, but it may be better to let the business that government built be given to the predators, than to risk going to prison. Am I wrong?

    3. It is indeed a tragedy that this woman lost everything she had because of a bunch of sorry ass ni66ers,why does the black race punish it’s successful people? Is it because they make sorry ass ni66ers look like the sorry ass ni66ers they are? She should rebuild in a part of town that doesn’t have any ni66ers in it.All business owners should be allowed not to serve any ni66er they choose not to serve.If I ran a business,I wouldn’t allow ni66ers in my store and I wouldn’t accept food stamps.A line needs to be drawn to put a stop to the ni66er criminal once and for all.I’m sorry for this woman losing her business and I’m even sorrier for her being born black and having to deal with the garbage she has to deal with,I wish her all the best and I hope the ni66ers that did this will wind up dead before it’s over.

  3. I don’t need a gun – the police will protect me, right? Wrong! This should be a wake up call. Get training, get your concealed carry permit, carry all the time, and develop the Mamma Bear attitude. Winter is coming.

    1. In this case,the police just stood by and let it happen,they should have done their jobs and lit up the ni66ers that were looting and destroying property.

  4. Pile of runny dog waste and racist fraud Al Sharpton has arrived and latched on to the family of the dead thug. maybe he can help this lady by sharing some of the ” donation ” money he’s scamming right now. maybe lying bottom feeder Jesse Jackson and that bigot outfit of his ” operation push ” can help rebuild, I doubt it.

  5. Yea they. Should shoot the ones that are criminals and doin this shit. They just let them do it why aren’t the cops protecting those squad cars. It’s the cops fault if someone damages his vehicle. What a bunch of dumb asses. They should shoot the son of a bitches. And leave em lay there maybe their buddies will pick em up next week

  6. Gun sales have been thru the roof, I wonder if any good guys have been shooting bad guys. the media is NEVER going to do a ” the homeowner used his gun to defend himself ” story so maybe we’ll never know.

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