It’s time to impeach Missouri Governor Jay Nixon for dereliction of duty for saddling police and national guard forces with a soft-on-crime rules of engagement for dealing with the violent “protests” turned looting in Ferguson, Missouri and elsewhere in St. Louis.

Scores, if not hundreds of businesses have burned.  The mayor of Ferguson has called the governor requesting the national guard and been ignored.

At least one cop has been shot.  The St. Louis Airport has been nearly shut down because of gunfire.

And it seems the police have had their hands tied by Democrat politicians.  The buck ultimately stops with the governor.

It’s time to impeach him.

9 thoughts on “THE GOVERNOR FIDDLES WHILE ST. LOUIS BURNS: Impeach Gov. Jay Nixon for dereliction of duty”
  1. Anyone who is looting, starting fires, destroying police cars or other property is an obvious and immediate threat to public safety, they are engaging in felonies that could kill someone. like a rabid animal running around biting people they should have been shot till they drop. bad guy / gal corpses should be everywhere this morning, instead law abiding people will get to sift threw the ruins.

  2. Cut the poor governor some slack. I am sure he was totally surprised by the riots. This was sarcasm in case any liberals happen to read this I don’t want to confuse them. Jim.

  3. These street thugs, claiming to be protesting in Michael Brown’s honor, put a lot of blacks out of work last night with their looting and burning of businesses. A large number of the jobs in that area were held by blacks. Last night’s actions, and more to come in the future, will convince a lot of businesses to move out of Ferguson to a friendlier community.

  4. I heard them bragging in a press conference that not a single shot was fired by the police.

    I’d be ashamed to say that after watching the rioting and looting on livestream TV and listening to St Louis county dispatch radios…. which, by the way, was much worse than the main stream media claimed.

  5. Soft on crime Democrats…

    Here’s the good news:

    Many of the residential areas that saw lots of damage were “gentrified” areas where big-city white liberals had settled. They got a taste of America’s ghetto culture last night.

    Wonder if they liked it.


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