Your wife is at home with your two young kids when two big, burly guys with guns beat on the front door.

Your wife doesn’t answer and moments later, they kick the front door in.  They put your wife on the floor, handcuff her, and demand to know where you – the male of the house – are because they claim you didn’t show up on a traffic ticket court date hundreds of miles away in another state.

They threaten to shoot your kids, ages about 4 and 7 if they don’t go to their rooms.

Then they drag your wife out of the house and take her away.

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

Couldn’t happen to you because you don’t have any outstanding tickets or warrants, you say?

Tell that to this woman:

Two Tennessee bail bond enforcement agents were in jail Monday after police said they kicked in the door of a Gwinnett County home, held the residents at gunpoint and kidnapped the wife of a man they were seeking — all over a traffic ticket.

Gwinnett police Cpl. Ed Ritter said the men forcibly entered a home on Castlebrooke Way near Lawrenceville around 10:40 a.m. Sunday.

“They were seeking a man that was wanted in Ashland City, Tenn., for failing to appear on a traffic charge,” Ritter said. “After entering, they accosted the residents, including children, by pointing guns at them and threatening them.”

There’s video the kids took:



Yes, there was a male who lived in the house who had a warrant from Tennessee for failing to appear on a traffic ticket.

However, that didn’t impress Atlanta cops any.  They arrested the two would-be “Dog the Bounty Hunter” types on home invasion, kidnapping and other charges.  Their days of bullying people are probably winding down.

They should do well in prison.


4 thoughts on “BOUNTY HUNTER DOGS SHOULD’VE BEEN LEASHED: Out-of-state bounty hunters kick door of GA home over traffic ticket”
  1. I think the local negroes should riot and loot because of what happened to this black woman,wait,that won’t work because these so called “bounty hunters” are black,will the negroes riot or will they be their typical hypocritical selves and not even raise an eyebrow because this was black on black crime? I’m White and if these two black goons busted my door down they would have been blown back out the door with 12 Ga.double aught buckshot.

  2. Why can’t shit lime this happen at my place? Allah and his buddy would be gasping for breaath as i looked for that damn 11 button on my phone.

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