The Ferguson grand jury announcement clearing Officer Darren Wilson is expected at 4pm Sunday.

America’s criminal class had been gearing up for their own version of “Black Friday”, only it’s going to be “Black Sunday” and their intention is for the discounts to be five-fingered and 100% off normal retail prices.

Businesses have boarded up, schools are cancelled Monday and Tuesday, and the national guard and state, county and local police have been deployed with the tools they need to do their best to keep a lid on things.

Indictments were handed down against some homegrown muslims planning a sudden jihad syndrome of sorts using pipe bombs as well.  The bomb-plot individuals were reportedly involved with the Black Panthers.

Stay away from Ferguson.  Keep your eyes open if you live, work or are visiting St. Louis.  Carry your gun and extra ammo.  Carry a long gun in your trunk in case you get stuck somewhere in St. Louis.  Ironically, I saw an ad on TV last night advertising for people to come to St. Louis and shop this Christmas season.  Yeah, right!

If you didn’t follow the advice of local police and get a gun, well, you’re just going to have to ride it out and hope and pray for the best.

There’s also a reputed list of other locations throughout St. Louis County that protesters are supposed to target, but some believe that’s merely an effort by the violence organizers to thin the police response to the worst violence which is expected in and near Ferguson itself as America’s criminal class turns that city into a retail wasteland, leaving the decent majority or residents without local shopping resources.

There’s also a site (I don’t have the link handy) of protest events set nationwide.  At least some of them are bogus events at non-existent locations, submitted by frisky people just baiting America’s criminal class and Black Grievance Industry, but some may be legitimate with violence and crime.  Yes, Virginia, it’s quite the coincidence how crime follows these people.

Carry your gun in the coming days and maintain a careful eye to what’s going on around you.

Remember, the best way to win any confrontation/gun fight is to not be there.  Avoid trouble areas.  This isn’t a good time to go sight-seeing in Ferguson.  It’s definitely not a good time to walk around Ferguson with a “I SUPPORT DARREN WILSON” banner or sign.

If you see a group of young black males who look like they are up to no good (like in the photo at the top of this post), you’re already in the wrong place and need to leave at once.

Stay safe and be careful.

3 thoughts on “FERGUSON: Announcement set for 4p Sunday. Pipe bomb plots, etc. Be careful and stay safe.”
  1. Whatever. CBS had better not intrude on the Dolphins/Broncos game with constant “updates” on Ferguson.

    If they do that, I’ll STAMP MY FOOT!

  2. This country is long overdue …

    [Edit JBoch: Sir, you’re welcome to comment, but if you want to use pejorative and inflammatory slurs, you should visit other websites. We don’t roll that way around here. We support the rights of all law-abiding folks to keep and bear arms for self-defense and other lawful purposes. *All* law-abiding folks. Thanks in advance for self-censoring your posts in the future.]

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