With some courts striking down “Stolen Valor” arrests, law enforcement in Texas came up with a different manner in which to bust a non-hacker pretending to be a US Navy SEAL.  How did they do it?  They gave him some rope and let him fashion himself a noose, of course.

It all went south for certified scumbag Carlos Felipe Luna-Gonzalez, 29, who claimed to be an active duty SEAL officer, when he accepted a free rifle worth $2300 in appreciation for his service as a SEAL.  Upon telling the owner his fabricated tale of SEAL service and signing off on the federal forms to accept the gun, cops swooped in and arrested him for theft.

They stripped him of the uniform he never earned the right to wear and put him in jail duds before parading him out in a perp walk.

The karma for this Luna-Gonzalez guy is delicious.



WEATHERFORD, Texas (Military1) — During a sting at a Weatherford gun store Saturday, a Navy veteran falsely claiming to be a decorated Navy SEAL officer injured in combat was arrested after lying about his service record and accepting a free gun in appreciation, according to law enforcement.

Peace officers physically stripped the suspect of the uniform he was wearing before taking him out of the store in jail clothing, according to the Parker County Sheriff’s Office.

Carlos Felipe Luna-Gonzalez, 29, of Granbury, has been charged with theft, more than $1,500, less than $20,000, tampering with a government document and fraudulent or fictitious military record.

Texas Ranger Anthony Bradford received information in August 2014 that Gonzalez was portraying himself as an active duty Navy SEAL officer, according to Bradford’s probable cause affidavit.

The source reportedly provided Bradford Facebook photos showing Gonzalez wearing a white Navy uniform bearing the rank of lietenant junior grade, a SEAL trident, jump wings and other awards.

Bradford also learned that Gonzalez had befriended several Hood County law enforcement officers and worn dress whites to breakfast at a coffee shop, where he reportedly told the law enforcement officers that he was temporarily stationed at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth while awaiting medical discharge due to injuries he sustained during a SEAL operation in Africa.

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  1. I am grateful of the forethought of removing the bogus uniform before leaving the store. Often, pictures show up on the internet and are used out of context.

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