Todd Smith, the VP of Content Development for Intermedia called from New York this morning around 9:30am or so to discuss a resolution to the legal threat made by Dusty Gibson on Thursday.  In that earlier email, Mr. Gibson had threatened legal action against Guns Save Life if we didn’t pull down objectionable components of our story, TAURUS TURD: Guns & Ammo loves Taurus’ new Taurus Curve, a curved .380 pocket pistol.

Mr. Smith had a much more conciliatory tone than Dusty’s initial threat-laden demand.  In fact, he was pretty nice.

Mr. Smith said there would be no legal action taken against Guns Save Life.  Period.

In the spirit of trying to rebuild some goodwill, I asked if it would make them happier if I killed off their photos in our blog post.  He said it would.  So, we’ve replaced the Guns & Ammo story photos (which can be found here) with new photos from Taurus USA.  Easy enough, right?

In the course of our conversation, I asked if Mr. Smith knew why Guns & Ammo execs in their headquarters city of Peoria, Illinois had never come to a Guns Save Life meeting in the couple of years we’ve been holding monthly meetings there.  You know, if nothing else, but to put a face to the company and promote their publications in person while supporting the fight for gun rights in Illinois.  He didn’t know but would forward the information back to the Peoria crew.

We look forward to seeing them at our meetings.

8 thoughts on “GOOD: Guns & Ammo/Intermedia rescinds legal threats against Guns Save Life”
  1. At least Guns & Ammo smell a little less offensive than they did. Good work on calling a turd what it is when is smells like one. The Taurus Curve does have that odor about it.

  2. Well… Taurus pics are… even less inspiring than G&A pics were. Don’t think I’ll be getting one.

  3. The gun looks like the results of a bad marketing meeting. That being said, I’d have to hold one and shoot one – but I won’t pay for the privilege, so I guess I’ll never really know.
    Personally, I have no issues with Taurus. I pocket carry a Model 85 Ultra-Lite on a daily basis. I know it is not much “bang,” but I think it is all I need for the usual threat condition in my area and it works well with my daily activities.
    “Gun People” are usually a pretty conservative demographic in general. Now don’t take what I’m about to say wrong… but there was another radical design back in the late 1950’s that was almost universally dismissed. This design came from an engineer with no experience in the firearms industry. In fact, he worked in he aircraft industry. The gun he made broke many of the norms deemed necessary for a main battle rifle. That design became the AR-15 from ArmaLite Corporation. The engineer was Eugene Stoner, who is now mentioned in the same breath as John Browning and Samuel Colt.
    So what am I trying to say? I guess only that “new” is not bad. Again, for this gun as with any gun, I’d have to shoot it, not just look at a picture. Maybe there is something to it, or maybe not.

  4. You could take your own picture of a turd. ( a Taurus type turd ) and put it on here , at least youde own the photo. But then Taurus would be offended and we’de have another issue going on here.. O well such is life !!!

  5. G&A getting so out of sorts about Mr. Boch’s views shows me they gave it plenty of credence.

    Hey G&A – quit the histrionics, nut up and stand by your review.

  6. Not being a “professional” firearm reviewer, I for one WOULD buy Taurus’s new model to shoot a hundred rounds or two just to see how it feels and accuracy,so forth and so on.
    Then I would give my humble opinion. If I really did not like it I would give the reasons why and eventually sell it.

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