Armed robbers aren’t nice people.

If you want to learn more about how dangerous armed robbers are, we encourage you to check out our post on them Street robberies and you – The Basics.

So it really warms our hearts when we read stories of law-abiding gun owners who use their tools to thwart these would-be violent killers.  After all, the only reason armed robbers don’t kill you to take your money is because they are trying to avoid a homicide charge in addition to the armed robbery charge.  Bad guys know that most of the time, especially here in Illinois, their intended victims will be helpless to resist.

Some of us aren’t helpless victims though.  And the owner of the Calumet City Bakery is no easy mark either.

When two of America’s criminal class rolled into the Calumet City Bakery and presented a weapon to a clerk in recent days, it was terrifying for the employee.  Then the two thugs pushed the clerk to the back of the store where they confronted the owner as well.

He drew a firearm and shot seven rounds at the guy with the gun, which turned out to be fake.  The owner scored 100% hits.  The guy holding the fake gun?  He was probably wishing he’d chosen a different career path.

According to the local CBS station, there will be no charges against the shop owner and the perforated bad guy will recover.  Mr. Freshly Pierced’s associate ran for the hills when the shooting started.


8 thoughts on “HEARTWARMING AT THE HOLIDAYS: Calumet City armed robber gets shot seven times by would-be victim”
  1. Well that sure must smart a lot wow. 7 shots and lived to tell about it well I guess he may have 8 lives left ….:).

  2. Hopefully one of the shots hit his little pee pee and he won’t be able to procreate,and his homies in prison will have an excellent time gang raping him whilst in prison.

  3. Pavement apes must love to be gang raped,they’ll do anything to get a stretch in prison,I guess being a professional bum doesn’t get a guy a lot of sex on the outside.

  4. Every time I hear about a criminal getting shot just makes my heart go pitter-pat,wearing nikes and a hoodie doesn’t make you a badass,maybe somebody should explain this to these clowns.

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