Meet “Christian” Williams.  Pat Quinn released him 10 years early to save some money.

He’s hardly a good Christian as he was convicted of killing a man in 1993 and sentenced to 30 years.

Well, in Pat Quinn’s Illinois prison time, 30-years is…  20.

He was released a little over a year ago and he killed a 53-year-old gent in recent days, according to police.

Thanks Pat Quinn, for saving a few bucks and releasing a convicted killer early.

Man paroled for 1993 murder now charged in Pullman stabbing death

(Sun-Times) – A 48-year-old Pullman man free on parole for a 1993 slaying has been charged with murder again after police found a 53-year-old man stabbed to death Wednesday evening on the Far South Side.

Police were called to perform a “well-being check” at a residence in the 600 block of East 111th Street and found Thomas Sanchez stabbed to death about 5 p.m. Wednesday, authorities said. Police believe the stabbing may have happened on Tuesday.



3 thoughts on “THANKS GOV. PAT QUINN: Murderer’s early release allows him to murder again”
  1. Both Williams and Quinn should be “put on the boat.” For clarification, when the boat is full it will set sail in a easterly direction.

  2. Yes Thanks Quinn for letting him out early. Not giving us a chance to speak for my brother he killed in 1993. Yes I am the sister of the man he killed in 1993. We were not allowed to speak to the board or anything. They claim he is a schizo. Well why the hell did they let him out if he is “NOT” just an excuse for Quinn.

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