Dindu Nuffin.

That’s the shorthand for “My boy didn’t do nothing!” that we so often hear from the families of criminal dirtbags when the bad guys get perforated by the police.

Like the dim-witted, lying mom of one St. Louis punk who said her “boy” was carrying a sandwich, not a Ruger pistol when he got shot dead by police.

The gun on the left is the one 18 year-old Vonderrit Myers, Jr. used to shoot at a cop in St. Louis before the cop punched his ticket.  Of course, he was just a choirboy.

Well, Dindu made another appearance in Chicago in recent days.

(NBC Chicago) – Chicago police officers said they had no choice but to shoot a teenager after shots were fired at them late Wednesday, but the victim’s family said it’s a case of mistaken identity.

Tykwon Davis’ family admits the 17-year-old has had some problems — he’d recently been released from juvenile jail — but they’re adamant the boy didn’t point a gun at officers and say his injuries prove that.

“He didn’t shoot the police. They shot him,” Davis’ mother, said Willette Middleton, told NBC Chicago outside John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County, where the teen was in critical condition at 6 a.m. “They shot him five times, for no reason, in the back.”

Middleton said her son was running away from gunfire when he was hit.

Because police shoot people multiple times just for giggles, right?

Oh wait!  Ty-kwon was just released from juvy jail before he found himself promiscuously perforated!


Say it isn’t so!

5 thoughts on “DINDU NUFFIN STRIKES AGAIN! “Boy” tries shooting at Chicago Police; it doesn’t end well for him”
  1. I’d like to know just how the hell all these “parents” know their precious little kids didn’t “du nuffin” when these sweet, innocent toddlers get shot by the police?? Are they with them at the time???

  2. I expect Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson are on their way, as soon as as somebody puts the money for their appearance fees.

  3. Ive seen his real PO LEECE record…. He was no stranger to the back seat of a white ford…. He was on a track towards this a long time ago.

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