Eric Frein is a low-life leftist who murdered a Pennsylvania State Trooper, Cpl. Bryon Dickson, and injured a second in a night-time sniper ambush almost two months ago.

He’s been on the run since then and police caught up with the social misfit on the eve of Halloween.

Proper prior planning prevents pretty poor performance and these cops were ready.

They brought Cpl. Bryon Dickson’s handcuffs to cuff the dirtbag, who was a convicted thief.

They brought Cpl. Bryon Dickson’s squad car for one last act of service:  to transport the (accused) murderer to incarceration pending his trial.

Frankly, it’s too bad they didn’t instead give Frein a chance to resist, and then use Cpl. Bryon Dickson’s service arm to shoot the worthless oxygen thief dead where he stood.  For all of Frein’s tough talk about how he wasn’t going to be taken alive, he surely was pretty meek and mild when he was taken into custody.

(LA Times) – A seven-week dragnet in the woods of northeastern Pennsylvania came to an end with the capture of survivalist Eric Frein, whose wrists were bound with the handcuffs of the trooper he is accused of killing, officials said late Thursday.

Frein’s arrest ended one of the largest manhunts in Pennsylvania history. He will face first-degree murder charges that could carry the death penalty, a prosecutor said.

Searchers spotted Frein about 6 p.m. near an abandoned airport hanger and ordered him to surrender, Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan said at a late-night news conference in Hawley. Frein was taken by surprise and gave up peacefully, Noonan said.

The cuffs of the dead officer, Cpl. Bryon Dickson, were placed on Frein’s wrists, Noonan said, and Frein was placed in Dickson’s car.

…However, he said, Frein was unarmed when arrested.

4 thoughts on “DIVINE: Cop-killer wears cuffs of dead cop and driven away in his squad car”
  1. Are his hands cuffed in front of him, or is there something in the picture that just makes it look that way?

    If he were thinking ahead, he could have come to Illannoy to do this, and gotten only life in prison, and even let out early by Governor Dumbass.

    I’ll bet he voted early, all in the “D” column.

  2. Do I misunderstand this to be a statement IN SUPPORT of piglets?

    I’m sorry, but they’re the enemy. If you don’t yet know that, you surely will soon.

  3. Ken, enough with your anti-police idiocy, okay?

    You should go for a ride-along or three to discover your average cop is like your average GSL member… in other words, good people.


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