Guess who’s packing heat?

Missouri’s Democrat State Senator Jamilah Nasheed, the far left political hack that’s predicting (inciting?) black mob violence in Ferguson if Officer Darren Wilson isn’t indicted for shooting Michael Brown deader than a doorstop, that’s who. 

Brown, of course, was the black male who had just committed a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store (see above screen grab of the video) of a key ingredient to make marijuana-laced cigars a few minutes before the fatal confrontation.

The same Michael Brown – the gentle giant – who attacked the officer *inside his squad car* – breaking bones in Officer Wilson’s face before Wilson used deadly force to save himself from great bodily injury at the hands of the monster attacking him.

Yes, the low-information Senator Nasheed was arrested in recent days.  KMOV reports that cops detected the odor of alcoholic beverages and found her carrying a concealed firearm.  Nasheed refused to take a breathalyzer.

She’s the same woman who has voted against every pro-gun bill that’s crossed her path.

Worse than that, she has sponsored no shortage of anti-gun bills which would serve to disarm the poor blacks in her district, leaving them defenseless against thugs like Michael Brown.  Imagine the irony of this woman working to achieve some of the goals of the Ku Klux Klan.

Nasheed is among the most diplomatic and classiest of Missouri’s Senate.

Here’s her rebuttal to people she doesn’t agree with:


More from Post-Dispatch:


“Tony Rice, a protester, said police had come out to ask protesters near the police station to stay out of the street and to tell them that there was a noise ordinance in effect at 11 p.m. He said protesters had stayed out of the street.

…“She was the only one marching by herself and some dude she marched with,” he said. “All of us protesting have been here all day. Then she shows up maybe 15 minutes ago, starting this crap. She was not over here protesting with us at all.”

Hours after Nasheed’s arrest, activist Anthony Shahid was met with boos when he gave a crowd an update on the lawmaker’s arrest. Most of the protesters seemed unsupportive of the lawmaker.

Catherine Jackson, 62, of Bridgeton, is among those who have held nightly protests at the police station. She didn’t know who Nasheed was when the lawmaker made her sudden appearance Monday night and she later mused that Nasheed “has constituents she needs to impress.”

9 thoughts on “GUESS WHO’S PACKIN’ HEAT: Missouri State Senator Jammy Nasheed arrested with CCW”
  1. Classy broad. A state senator going for a photo op wearing a gym suit and a do-rag (or is it dew rag? Or just a rag?).

    Totally classy.


  2. Always good to see thugs get arrested. Why is it that a white policeman shoot an unarmed black person Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton show up and incite riots but a black policeman shoots an unarmed white teen and not a peep is heard from Jackson and Sharpton.

    1. For the same reason there’s not a peep from them when a group of “Obama’s sons” gang rape and murder white college coeds.

      It’s all about the Black Grievance Industry.


      Speaking of Shakedown, I bought a copy of that book and someday, I’m going to be counter-demonstrating against Jesse and I’m going to ask him to autograph it.


  3. If only we could go back in time and kick the crap out of the idiots that thought bringing these animals here was a good idea, because they were too lazy to just do the work themselves! Now here we are dealing with the zoo around us! I know not all blacks act like this and there are bad whites! But come on! Oh well, I’ll continue to stock up on .223 because Civil War 2 is not that much longer down the road. We already saw the trailers for it with Trayvon and this Ferguson case. I’m just not sure which event will hit first. CW2 or American Revolution 2! Either way, I am ready!

  4. just another black bitch with a big mouth that is here to show her ass in public , that dont know what the hell is really going on in america , these people think america owes them , but the true fact is they are people that live in squaller use the goverment and everyone in this country to get what they want , get a life you black peace of crap……

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