Indianapolis Police put an abrupt end to stupid plan by three stupid Chicago hoodlums to rob a store to help pay for their stupid trip to Tennessee.

It all unfolded Saturday night when Walter Fells III, 23, Terrell Lucas, 22 and Jalil Hannah, 21 schemed to commit an armed robbery with Airsoft guns.

The only problem was that they were acting suspicious (hard to believe, right?) and someone called the police.  When the Metro PD showed up, they saw the three, wearing masks, inside the Game Stop store.  More cops showed up and made the masked robbers an offer they shouldn’t have refused.

Terrell Lucas ran out the back of the store and thought he was going to bluff his way out of the confrontation by pointing his “gun” at cops, but Indy PD were more than willing to call his bluff and shot him – and shot him well.

The other two thugs?

They are in jail on murder charges, among others.

Life is hard.

Life is a lot harder when you’re stupid.

Stupid thugs Hannah, left and Fells III.


Indianapois (Star) – The three men were traveling from Chicago to Tennessee. The plan was to stop in Indianapolis to visit a cousin.

Talk turned to robbing a GameStop, court documents say.

But the robbery at the video game retailer failed, with two of the suspects under arrest and the third fatally shot by Indianapolis police after authorities say he refused orders to drop his weapon and pointed it at officers.

The weapon was a Smith and Wesson pellet handgun.

Robbing the Southside store was a stupid idea, one of the suspects, 23-year-old Walter Fells III, later told police, documents say.


6 thoughts on “FAIL: Trio of Chicago thugs bring Chicago-style violence to Indy; one gets shot dead”
  1. I think I get the “stupid” idea. Game Stop? Couldn’t they find anywhere more lucrative to rob, assuming they could be successful? Bank, liquor store, convenience store?

  2. Nothing like trying to rob a bunch of broke people instead of say, someplace like a casino, where they have whole drawers full of cash.

    Stupid is right.

    Probably would have voted for Obama in a couple of weeks.

    Yes, I know he’s not on the ballot.


  3. They already have their 6 random absentee ballots mailed in for
    mid-term election in six “different” states.

  4. One thing on the positive side, they are no longer an Illinois problem, thank you Indiana

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