Scene of the murder and armed robbery.


To our gun shop brethren:  be careful and keep your situational awareness up, especially if you’re working alone.

Jennings County, IN (Columbus, IN Rupublic) – A firearms dealer was found dead in his western Jennings County gun shop Sunday after a robbery of a large number of guns, investigators said Monday.

Scott Maxie, 61, 8485 W. County Road 200S, was shot once in the head apparently during a robbery of Muscatatuck Outdoors, his gun shop, said Jennings County  Maj. Jerry Shepherd. An estimated 47 guns were taken from the gun shop, Shepherd said.

The good news is, through some quick police work, three suspects from Indianapolis were identified and apprehended.  That doesn’t do Mr. Maxie a whole lot of good though.

Jennings County, IL (Sept. 23, 2014 Fox59) – Police arrested three Indianapolis men after a gun shop owner was fatally shot during a weekend robbery.

According to the Jennings County Sheriff’s Department, Dejaun Worthen, 23, Darion Harris, 20, and Darryl Worthen, 24, were arrested on charges of murder and robbery. All three suspects are from Indianapolis.

(from left to right) Darryl Worthen, Dejaun Worthen, and Darion Harris

On Sunday, officers found Scott Maxie, 61, dead at Muscatatuck Outdoors, the gun store he owned at 8485 W County Road 200 S in North Vernon. Investigators said Maxie was shot in the head and killed inside the store.

Police said 47 guns were stolen from the business; four of them have been recovered.

So, Darryl and Dejaun are being held in jail without bond and they need a lawyer.

So their friend “Hoodbouund Shorty” has a plan to pay for their attorney and then some.  Check this out:

“Hoodbouund Shorty” set up a “Go Fund Me” fundraiser to raise money for their legal defense, of course.  The “Darryl and Dejuan 2nd Chance Fund” was set up to help them.  “Please we nees your support to provide Darryl and Dejuan attorneys. Please donate today!”

With $10 collected over three days as of the morning of October 1st, I’m confident they will get the finest legal representation $10 will buy.  Won’t you donate?  After all, some more cynical folks might say these two need a second chance to menace society!

Wait a second:  If they stole forty-some guns and cops only recovered four, perhaps the boys could use their proceeds from selling those Gats to buy a lawyer!

Too bad that shop owner wasn’t so trusting of those three young men.



7 thoughts on “PATHETIC: Killer gunshop robbers from Indiana turn to internet to pay for defense lawyer”
  1. Is there an address where I can send those boys a couple of bottles of Astroglide that I’ve souped up with a teaspoon of sand?


  2. Sam: I like how you think. I’d recommend broken glass instead of sand though.

    Just saw some of the comments. One guy quoted this piece of crap ghetto rat:

    Kara GodsGift Williams
    Sad it say but sometimes u gotta do wat u gotta do come on now they were robbing a “gun store” kill or b killed least this time it was a white man and not a black on black #ijs
    September 24 at 9:32pm

    And the productive members of society get to pay Kara’s welfare benefits for her entire life, just as we did for her momma and her grand momma.

  3. Only three days separate us from normal life and total anarchy. They obviously don’t see what they did as wrong. Where is the bloviating from Rahm, Street Lights McCarthy, and the Race-Baiting Reverends. Street Lights! Get a clue! – this is how the Chicago Gangs are getting guns!

  4. Given how Indiana’s death penalty statute is written and that this was allegedly a Murder in the course of a Robbery, and given the fact that a potential Jennings County jury will have no tolerance for stuff like this, I am shocked that Death Penalty has not been filed as of yet.

    1. Then Al and Jessy would start screaming, Hell Eric would un resign just so he could look out for Obamas children

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