Did you see any of the mainstream media report on the Windy City body count from last weekend?

Yeah, we didn’t either, so here it is, courtesy of Hey Jackass (Illustrating Chicago Values)

Weekend’s Stupidity (Fri 12p – Mon 6a)
Shot & Killed: 5
Shot & Wounded: 44
Total Homicides*: 8

This past weekend, hundreds of gun rights activists gathered at the Hyatt O’Hare conference center for the 29th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference.  A fair number of those present were from Illinois and many of them were lawfully armed.

Care to take a guess how many rounds were fired in that neighborhood of the city?

(Spoiler alert:  None.)

It was, however, Dodge City elsewhere in Chicago.  In reality though, Dodge City was a lot safer than Mayor Rahm’s fiefdom.  Come to think of it, serving in America’s armed forces fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq is a lot safer than living on the streets of Chicago, home to some of America’s strictest gun control.

Looks as though what Chicago needs is about 70,000 licensed gun owners to descend on Chicago for a big convention.  If it was like the NRA event in Indianapolis earlier this year, it would be a quiet weekend.  The trick would be convincing 70,000 good guy gun owners to come visit Chicago for a weekend.

Most would probably say, “thanks, but no thanks”.

5 thoughts on “CONTRAST: Good guys with guns at O’Hare vs. bad guys elsewhere in Chicago”
  1. Exactly! I was required to travel three times a year to Chicago for work. Now, different job, no Chicago travel.

    I have made a personal decision to NEVER set foot in Chicago, DC, Kalifornia, New York, Connecticut, or New Jersey.

    Plenty of other places to visit and vacation.

  2. I live about two hours from downtown in “Down State LaSalle County.” The only thing that gets me into Chicago or any of the surrounding cities is the airports for business travel. I gave up tourist and shopping activities in the windy city years ago. I keep my money “Down State.”

  3. I was talking to a young man from the southside of Chicago who told me he joined the Marines. I asked him what made him pick the Marines, and he said because it was safer for him to be a Marine, then to live in his neighborhood. Not sure I agree with him, being a former combat Marine, but the stats and body count in Chicago sure makes you wonder!

  4. You think Chicago is a bad place to be because of the violent predators running around… just wait until Ebola comes to Chicago.

    That’ll be two reasons I’ll give Cook County a wide berth.

    Sorry for those of you who live or work there.


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