Get a real flashlight.


Do you have a flashlight app, especially on an Android phone?  It’s probably malware.

The top ten “flashlight” apps on phones are all malware, sending your private data to India, China and Russia.  Check out this report.

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4 thoughts on “CAUTION: Got a flashlight app on your phone? It’s probably malware.”
  1. I just use the camera app provided with my android phone. I also dual boot to CyanogenMod which has a flashlight app and the developers are not likely to put malware in the system.

    The developers on XDA who have been around for a while are generally pretty safe to use as well since these are the same people writing the code for google and a lot of other mods

    1. I gotta streamlight myself, but yeah, I’m not worried about it. Then again, my phone doesn’t have a flashlight but I’m going to be upgrading soon.

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