Barack Obama, proud owner of disastrous “Smart Diplomacy”, will probably read in tomorrow’s paper that a second U.S. journalist has been beheaded by the knuckle-dragging ISIS savages.

Here at Guns Save Life, we are flummoxed.

Should America offer to send ISIS additional US journalists like Geraldo Rivera (aka Jerry Rivers), Alex Wagner, Piers Morgan, Bob Costas, Soledad O’Brien, Don Lemon, David Gregory and Bill Plante?

Or should we wipe ISIS off the face of the earth, sort of like we’ve eliminated small pox?

Maybe we can do both.

8 thoughts on “SMART DIPLOMACY: 2nd journalist beheaded by ISIS savages; should we send more?”
  1. The guy with the knife is so afraid of us that he needs to hide behind a burka.

    Is murdering captured journalists and soldiers supposed to intimidate me and fill me with a sense of fear and inevitable doom? Think again. These girly-men who fancy themselves as terrorists will pay for this.

  2. I’m with you guys. Send them more reporters from America who don’t appreciate or respect the Constitution and let them learn first-hand how wonderful America really is.

    Only when we run out of America-hating reporters for ISIS to decapitate should we consider military action.


  3. Please, please, please, lets send David Gregory and all of his ilk, they are the ones that want to appease the radical vermin of ISIS, I’m sure they would be able to end the killings diplomaticly, and send John F-n Kerry and B. Hussein 0bama with them.

  4. I don’t see why we should stop at journalists. The real problem is the constitution hating politicians. Send them over there unarmed, and have them report back to us how that gun control thingy is working. How would they function without a head you ask? They have been functioning without a brain, so what’s the difference?

  5. I’m on for the tickets for a hundred bucks too !!!
    I also agree that Stretch Nancy, horrible hairly rude and a host of other should be the first to volunteer to go over there and start the dialog for peace talks.
    Of course the mission would have to be led by the one and only johnpotty, Lurch, (my apologies to the entire cast of The Addams Family) kary (he served in Vietnam you know). No doubt his smarter diplomacy will have ISIS singing Kum By Yah in a matter of minutes !!!

  6. Ive said for many years that the “authorized journalists” won’t see the error of their dishonest ways until one (or a few) get headshotted on live TV. ISIS has escalated it beyond that threshold with their beheading videos.

    Interestingly, we don’t have to send anymore – there are already a bakers dozen being held! Funny that “body count” hasn’t been the focus of reportage eh?

    Now, for years, many reporters have played both ends against the middle and today they face paying the piper for doing so. They have for a long time thought that making DEALS, especially BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, would gain them something. Boy did that path ever do so. Karma is a harsh thing. I’ll say this much – smokey backroom deal makers had better take notice of where that path leads….

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