Chicago’s August totals are in.

It wasn’t pretty, but a long shot.

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Fewer people got shot and wounded by about 10% from July, but more got kilt overall.

And that’s with Chicago PD re-categorizing some deaths as “non-criminal” when they were indeed homicides.

The bottom line:  It’s a public relations disaster for Chicago’s Police Superintendent Garry “Streetlight Assassin” McCarthy, the hard-drinking, skirt-chaser at CPD.

3 thoughts on “CHICAGO ISN’T SAFE: Fewer shootings; more murders in August”
  1. The racist nature of this situation is very troubling. Most of the dead are black. Why is there no outcry? The press is racist. Rham et al are racist. Sharpton, Pfleger and the rest of the race baiters are racist. There is no outcry because each of these groups gains an advantage by not stopping it. In the mean time, more people are killed, more lives ruined and the cycle of destroyed families, fatherless children, lack of values, gangs and violence continues.

    I’m out of ways to describe Chicago. Cesspool and hemorrhoid just aren’t revolting enough.

  2. Because dead scumbags don’t motivate Mr. and Mrs. America to feel any angst or dig into that wallet.

  3. State Journal Register said today that murders are down overall in Chicago for the year so far, and that shootings are actually up for the same period. August was just the reverse apparently.

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