The Beslan school massacre began ten years ago today in a school in the town of Beslan, North Ossetia-Alania.

334 died in the massacre by “radical” islam.

It was a horrific day as muslim savages from Chechnya, and one Saudi national, took over 1200 school children and adults hostage.  They fortified the school, killed the adults and then set about raping the little girls.

Finally, almost three days later, Russian special forces made entry and killed the captors.  The men in the raid suffered psychological trauma many of us could never fathom.  Some of the rescuers had to shoot through children used as human shields to kill their captors.  Seeing all of the dead bodies of helpless children was just awful.

And all of it was brought to us by so-called radical islam.

Remember the dead.

And remember, an attack of this type is coming to America.  It’s not “if”, but when, particularly with this administration’s wide-open borders policies.

Never Forget.

Teach your children what to do if there’s an active shooter or a takeover in their school.  Discuss strategies they can use should the worst ever happen locally.

And once again, Never Forget.


13 thoughts on “REMEMBER BESLAN: Today is 10th anniversary of Beslan massacre”
  1. Your religion of pieces . . . . piece of a infidel here, a piece of a christian here . . . . a piece of a

  2. I hope this site’s admins won’t delete me for saying this, but I think in 20 or 30 years, we’re going to find out that

    1. Barack Obama was really born in Kenya.
    2. Barack Obama is and always has been a Muslim.
    3. Barack Obama plays for both teams.
    4. Barack Obama really doesn’t have America’s best interests at heart.

    1. It always makes me laugh how they all want to deny that the guy is not a Muslim, meanwhile everything that he does screams otherwise. Inviting towel heads to the White House to celebrate their holidays, while dissing Christians every chance he can.

      Actions scream louder than words.

    2. Don’t forget, …the only thing that B. Hussein 0bama said before he became pres–ent (no id) that he wasn’t lieing about:, “…I will stand with the muslims”.

  3. God bless both those children, their families and the rescuers.

    May God punish those Muslim savages at every opportunity.

    I’ve read a little about this incident, both in GunNews and online. It filled me with sadness towards the victims, rage against their captors.

    If that was my kids’ or grand-kids’ school…


    1. But our responders, perhaps … but definitely their brass (think Streetlights McCarthy) – would be nowhere as hard as the Russian commandos. Expect even worse bloodshed here.

  4. It’s funny how the commenters only refer to Muslims instead of Chechnian. Selective Racism I see. They’re radical muslims, if all muslims were the same the world would be at war. RIP to the children who loss their lives, hope this will never happen again.

    1. The world isn’t at war? Could have fooled me. In a lot of places it’s a cultural war, sure. France, Britian, Germany, all falling to massive Muslim immigration and aggressive breeding, which will allow the Muslims to take control through soft attacks and subjugate those nations through dimmitude. They’re trying it here too, lobbying to get Sharia law recognized in our courts. Speaking of dimmitude, have you heard that Muslims are exempt from paying for Obamacare? Still get the bennies, they just don’t have to pay.

  5. Most Muslims DESPISE the radicals Islamists.

    Just as it is with the black criminal gang/scum element in the U.S. (and the Italians before that, and the Irish before that), Muslims cringe whenever a terrorist act occurs.

    Indeed, just think how we law-abiding firearm owners feel when some sub-human “gun nut” goes on a shooting spree, and you will see how the average Muslim feels when those crazy, radical Islamic bastards start killing innocent Christian and Muslim folks…

    1. you forget that the radical islamists are high in numbers. Most muslims might not like the radicals, but there’s still hundreds of millions of them out there.

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