The Bat Pager went off a few minutes ago with a flash message.

The “kinder, gentler” means of dealing with hoodlums and thugs in Ferguson, Missouri is failing miserably late Friday into Saturday morning as all hell broke loose.

Police quickly found themselves overwhelmed by looters and rioters Friday evening and they lacked the tools necessary to maintain any sort of control of the situation.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

SWAT TEAMS CALLED IN— Police are doing NOTHING to stop the looting.** Liquor Store Looted ** Beauty Supply Store Looted ** Electronics Store Looted ** Domino’s Pizza on fire! ** At least one person shot ** Bottles Thrown at police! Protesters taunt police –

Handing control over the the Missouri Highway Patrol Captain and his kid-glove approach to dealing with protesters has left Ferguson looking like a war zone.

Emergency distress calls have been sent out throughout St. Louis County for every police officer to respond to the violence, with more being called in to work.  SWAT teams have been summoned, and the tear gas and other riot control tools the MHP Captain banished Thursday morning are back in force to get a handle on the senseless pillaging from troublemakers.



According to those on scene, the nearly all of the trouble-makers are from out of town.  More than a few of the locals are protecting some of the local businesses.


4 thoughts on “GOOD INTENTIONS DON’T WORK: Ferguson off the hook Friday night”
  1. This incident is an example of how easy the rule of law can be broken down. Everyone needs to realize that the Police cannot protect them. Everyone needs to be ready to protect themselves and be ready to hunker down or bug out.

  2. Maybe the democrat governor of this state should try the globe trotting Obamama’s “I’m Sorry tour” for the city of Ferguson. We all the free stuff from my BIG BROTHER governmint, we need rebuilt free housing.
    ” Thug, can I get a hug ?”

  3. Nation of Islam and Black Panthers openly took credit for shutting down roads last night.
    Just what are those “groups” doing taking control of public streets?

    Listen to what Malik shabazz claims during that basket case press conference today and then take note of the man at the podium THANK him for doing so.

    There is more wrong down there than is right – and it’s coming to a neighborhood near you!

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